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60A Shore Rubber Grommet for Crown 303-FK, 307

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    Arcade parts manufacturer Crown has made its own strides in the Korean joystick market, especially through its Sanwa mount-compatible 303-FK.  But to some, the  softer rubber grommet feels loose, and doesn't enable as quick a return to neutral.

    Mod and repair company Arcade Sticks Indonesia took the opportunity to design a solution that allows you to install a higher tension rubber grommet into the 303-FK.

    Harder tension for Faster Return to Neutral


    Durometer test shows hardness rating of Shore 60A. (Arcade Sticks Indonesia)

    The rubber grommet has a Shore rating of 60A, which offers a hardness just under that of an automotive tire tread. The increased tension brings the Crown joystick to a neutral position faster than before.


    Here are detailed steps to open the Crown 303-FK or 307, install the replacement grommet and switches, and put it all back together:

    Installing the Rubber Grommet:

    1. First, remove the small e-clip located at bottom of the joystick shaft.  Wedging a small precision flathead screwdriver can usually pry the e-clip free.  Be careful not to lose the e-clip, as the released tension from the joystick shaft often causes the e-clip to shoot in the direction it's being pried from. Put the e-clip in a safe place, and then remove the blue plastic actuator.
    2. Next, remove the top 4 screws that attach the mounting plate to joystick.  You will notice that the nuts near the bottom of the housing will loosen and fall out as you unscrew.
    3. Upon removing the mounting plate and top housing, you will see a large spring, followed by a plastic spool that holds the original rubber grommet.  Remove each item in order from the housing.
    4. You need to remove the plastic spool from the original grommet.  To do this, grab one end of the grommet with right thumb and forefinger and pull outwards to stretch the grommet.  Next, push the spool through the grommet with your left thumb.
    5. Next find your Fanta Upgrade Kit rubber grommet.  Insert the plastic spool into the grommet's center the same way you removed it.  Notice the orientation of the spool - its thicker, multi-ringed top should appear on the same side as the grommet's multi-ring side.  
    6. Place the new grommet in the 303-FK's blue housing, lining the grommet's gaps with the screw holes.
    7. Now, place the large spring atop the plastic spool's top portion, were the rings are present.  The spring will fit onto the outermost ring in the spool. 
    8. Affix the black housing atop the spring, then push down to meet the blue housing.  The spring will apply some pressure upwards.  
    9. Next, place the mounting plate atop the black housing, lining up the screw holes.
    10. Begin screwing the mounting plate to the housing using the top 4 screws and nuts you removed in Step 2.  Tip: insert the nut into the bottom housing and hold it in place with your forefinger.  This will allow the screw to tighten aganst the plate, while preventing the nut from falling out.
    11. Finally, insert the joystick shaft into top of the housing, the actuator into bottom of the housing, and the e-clip.  Use needle-nose pliers to nudge the e-clip back into place under the shaft.
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    1. Feels like the 25

      I bought this because I wanted a stiffer feel, but after comparing the 25a in my wife's stick, the 45a in my diy stick and adding this 60a to my hori (all 309mj) the 60a definitely feels a lot closer to the stock 25. I can't even say that it returns to neutral as fast or faster than the 45. Maybe its the use of rubber over silicone. I'm not sure, but if you have the 45a and want something stiffer in your 309mj you're out of luck. on May 1st 2018

    2. Odd, but good

      Seems stiff, but what's not described here is that the thickness is almost half that of the stock grommet (also the 35/45a ones they sell here which are also thicker). Not sure if mine is defective or if they're supposed to be that way, but there's definitely less resistance than you might expect going from 45 to 60 shore rating but it feels natural, and still returns to neutral quickly. Thinking about buying a 2nd one and gluing them together. on Apr 9th 2018

    3. Tough to put on but great product

      This grommet feels way better than the 25a that came with my crown 309mj.
      Quicker return to neutral, less mushy.
      Great product.
      on May 9th 2017

    4. Quality grommet

      If you think the stock grommet in your Crown joystick is too soft, try this 60A grommet. It was simple to install. It should work with all models. I installed it in a 309MJ with no trouble. on Mar 24th 2017

    5. A little tough to put on, but works flawlessly

      as said in the title, I only wish focus attack would sell the plastic washer that mounts onto it, along with other crown joystick parts the same way they sell sanwa jlf parts on Jun 7th 2016

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