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AllFightSticks 14" Button Panel - Shiokenstar Layout


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  • Product Description

    The AllFightSticks 14" Shiokenstar Button Panel is designed to complete the All Fight Sticks 14" Body - Black w/ Solid Panel Bottom or All Fight Sticks 14" Body - Black w/ Window Panel Bottom

    This panel is inspired by the increasingly popular HitBox, which uses pushbuttons to control the cardinal directions up, down, left and right.  Many players have found this alternative method worthwhile to play, and PCBs such as the Brook series of control PCBs include SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions) cleaning to ensure against conflicting button presses (ie pressing up + down at the same time). 

    The Shiokenstar layout differs slightly in that it uses 30mm buttons for all punch and kick commands. Many players coming from standard arcade sticks tend to appreciate this layout. For more information about Hitbox layout and how to play, you can view the "Videos" tab in this listing. You can also find more information on how to build your own Hitbox configuration via our support articlenew-window-icon.png

    Durable Steel Panel, Matte Finish

    Each AllFightSticks panel is constructed out of steel, with a protective black powdercoat, providing a matte finish that is easy to rest your hands upon, plus manage wear and tear. 

    Your Way to Play: Swappable Panels for AFS 14" Body

    AFS 14 enclosure features a unique construction that accommodates multiple control panels

    AFS' top body construction includes a unique cut out to accomodate joystick and buttons in various configurations. Check out the growing selection of panels available:

    AFS Vewlix 8 Button Panel AFS Noir Button Panel AFS Stickless Button Panel
    Vewlix 8-Button Panel Namco Noir 8-Button Panel Stickless Panel
    CAFS Sega 2 Player 8 Button Panel Korean Namco Noir 8-Button Panel Korean Sega 2-Player 8-Button Panel
    Sega 2-Player 8 Button Panel Korean Namco Noir 8-Button Panel Korean Sega 2-Player 8 Button 
      AFS Shiokenstar Panel  
      Shiokenstar Panel  

    Personalize Your AFS

    Blue anodized M4 screw Silver M4 screw Red anodized M4 screw Purple anodized M4 screw

    In addition to the unique swappable control panel, you can customize the AFS 14 Semi-Mod Body with case accessories such as anodized color M4 screws, plus high-quality artwork and laser etched plexi covers.

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    How to Hit Box - Hadoken

    Take the first step towards Hit Box mastery: the Quarter Circle! Street Fighter V playlist: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hit Box: Website: Twitter: Discord: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Email: #hitbox #sf4