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ASI Octagonal Golden Collar Mod for Myoungshin Fanta (2019 Model)

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    Important Note

    This product is not compatible with the Taeyoung Fanta or Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 Joystick. This model isn't directly compatible with the older (pre-2019) Myoungshin Fanta, potentially introducing a very slight wobble upon install.  Please read "How Do I know Which Model I Own?" to identify which model you may have.

    Those who appreciate the internal construction of the Myoungshin Fanta Joystick over the Crown/Samducksa 309 Series will regard the ASI Golden Collar Mod at the solution to install it in most commercial Fightsticks.  This mod creates a low profile collar, allowing for compatibility with models from MadCatz, Hori, Qanba and others that share the common Japanese mount.

    Comparison between pre-2019 and 2019 Golden CollarDesigned for 2019 Myoungshin Fanta. Comparisons to older Golden Collar

    The Myoungshin Fanta was redesigned in late 2018 by IST, primarily to replace the original plastic mold with a recent model for durability and improved quality during manufacture.  This included a modification to the lever's housing, which made it a hair smaller than the older Fanta model. Some quick comparisons:

    • The new ASI collar is 23.50mm, and is designed to fit the 2019 IST Myoungshin Fanta
    • This is smaller than the older ASI collar, which is 24.24mm.
    • The new ASI collar has a tapered edge, versus the rounded edge of the original model.

    The collar mod will also fit the older model.  However, as shown in the photo, the width is noticeably smaller. While it does actually seat properly in the pre-2019 Fanta, ASI does not recommend using this collar in the older Fanta, as it could wobble during gameplay.

    How do I know which model I own? 

    On the bottom plastic housing of your Myoungshin Fanta, you will see a set of four words integrated just below the mounting plate. Each word is positioned on each corner of the plastic lip below the plate.

    On the older model, the words are all written in Korean. 

    The 2019 Myoungshin Fanta was redesigned by IST. There is at least one instance "IST" written in english on the new lever. 

    Octagonal Collar Design

    At half the height of the full Myoungshin collar, the Golden Collar octagonal model is designed to fit underneath the mounting plate.  It will fit within the 21mm joystick hole of most Hori Fight or 24mm joystick hole of the aforementioned Japanese models.  Unique to this mod is its octagonal internal gate, which until the Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S Joystick Lever (2018 Model) was not present in any Korean joystick lever. This is especially beneficial for those looking to play on both Tekken and Street Fighter style games that make use of quarter-circle, half-circle and Shoryuken style attacks. 

    How to install

    ASI Golden Lever Collar Install Step 1 ASI Golden Lever Collar Install Step 1A
    The Myoungshin Fanta's original plate is held together with a screw and nut combination.  While these were not designed for removal by consumers, you can unscrew via a Phillips or JIS screwdriver from the top.  The nut at the bottom of the Fanta's housing may spin, which could require you to pinch the nut in place with your thumb while you screw from the top. The extra pressure from your thumb should keep the nut in place while you continue to unscrew. 

    Once the screws are removed, the Myoungshin's mounting plate should lift upward and away.  The next step is to remove the shaft from the housing.  The Fanta contains an e-clip at bottom of the housing.  E-clips are often used to keep the joystick lever shaft in place while allowing it to spin freely during gameplay.  You will remove this e-clip by wedging a mini flathead screwdriver into the open space of the clip and shaft.  Be careful when trying to pull the clip away from the shaft, as the pressure contained between the shaft and e-clip can cause it to fly out, and its small size makes it easy to lose track.    
    ASI Golden Lever Collar Install Step 2 ASI Golden Lever Collar Install Step 3
    With the mounting plate and shaft removed, you can now lift the original collar plate from the Fanta's housing.  It is here that you will install the new ASI Golden collar. With both thumbs, seat the new ASI Golden Lever collar in place as the original one appeared.  Keep in mind the fit may be rather snug - this is normal.  Press down onto the panel until it snaps into place.  
    ASI Golden Lever Collar Install Step 4 ASI Golden Lever Collar Install Extra
    With the ASI Golden Lever Collar in place, you can now reverse the installation steps. If you purchase the ASI Golden Lever Plate with Screws, you would install the plate now, and use the existing Fanta screw and nut combination to affix this plate to the housing.  Please note that the Golden Lever Plate does not have countersunk holes, so the original screws will not install flush with the plate.  This will not affect mounting into a Sanwa style mount plate, nor regular operation.

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    1. This needs to be 301DX gate shape not Sanwa Octo...

      Or like the Kowal Octopus, which if you look close is far from a strict octagon. This octo-gate shape is THE worst thing about the JLF, why spread the dysfunction? At least make it rounded like Seimitsu. Somewhere between 301DX gate and Kowal Octopus would be sheer perfection. on Sep 23rd 2019

    2. Meh.

      I mean, I guess it works, kind of. I bought this to throw on the fanta, and the throw range for hitting diagonals was so small, it was incredibly difficult to land anything consistently. Not much of a refund guy, so I got a dremal sander bit and made it into a makeshift circle gate and it works much better. If anyone is reading this and is considering going from square to octagonal thinking it's a nice half way point, it might be, but not this gate, just get the circular. on Jul 21st 2019

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