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Bit Bang Gaming Player LEDs: Blue

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  • Product Description

    While opportunities for couch co-op gaming has changed dramatically in the past year, there are still places and events where getting together still matters, such as a venue-based tournament. Bit Bang Gaming's LED player indicator plugs into popular control PCBs to help you track which player position you occupy when multiple controllers or joysticks are connected.

    Solution for DIY Fightsticks

    Many commercial Fightsticks offer player indicator LEDs as a standard. That standard is lost among DIY Fightsticks, who don't readily have access to LEDs that integrate with the control PCB that are commonly used with them. The BBG Player Indicator LEDs fills that gap, enabling players to integrate into DIY Fightstick kits such as the BNB Fightstick.

    Compatible with popular Brook PCBs

    The BBG Player Indicator LED plugs into the VCC-P1/P2/P3/P4 port of many Brook control PCBs, such as:

    This port represents the player indicator LED output for these control PCBs, and will provide both signal and power to the BBC Player Indicator LED.

    Indicator for Power, Bluetooth Pairing for Brook Wireless Fighting Board

    One additional benefit of the Player LED Indicator confirming power to the control board; the indicator lights up when powered on. For the Brook PS3/PS4/Switch Wireless Fight Board, the LEDs indicate when it is actively in bluetooth pairing mode.

    What's Included?

    Each Bit Bang Gaming Player LED is packaged with the following:

    • LED PCB
    • 5-pin female harness
    • Two sets of light pipes in different heights to project LED light through hole-drilled surfaces
    • Double-sided tape for screwless install
    Download the Bit Bang Gaming Player LEDs PCB Install Instructions (PDF)

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