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Bit Bang Gaming Shuriken JLF PCB V2


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    Compatible specifically with 0.187in & 0.250in Omron (V, D2RV, & D3V Series) and Gersung (GSM-V) without hinge lever. Remember to adjust connectors for .187"

    Do NOT use with Shuriken V2

    Please note that other common .187" microswitches are untested, or may not have the metal terminals in a location that the device's connectors can attach to. Do not attempt to use microswitches that possess a hinge lever, as these will not fit. It is also not compatible with the Sanjuk brand of joystick lever.

    Shuriken PCB is set for .250" terminal switches by default. Use needle nose pliers or similar tool to move Shuriken connectors closer to .187" terminal switches. See install manual new-window-icon.png for details.

    The Sanwa TP-MA PCB Assembly is one of the most common microswitch PCBs, with a tried and true design that remains one of the fighting game standards.  That said, should a microswitch need replacement due to damage or fault, your options are quite limited. You either buy a new TPMA PCB or solder a new replacement microswitch.

    Compatible with .250" and .187" Microswitches. Adjust to .187" using Needle-Nose Pliers

    The Bit Bang Gaming Shuriken V2 JLF PCB will fit Omron V-Series .250" terminal microswitches by default. Plus, utilizing a needle-nose pliers, you can gently bend the connectors to fit the smaller and more common .187" terminal microswitch (please refer to compatibility notes, as not all .187" terminal switches will function properly with Shuriken V2). Once complete, just snap in each microswitch into the PCB's metal connectors. Best of all, no soldering is required.

    Change the Grams Force per Direction

    The power of the Shuriken V2 lies in its ability to swap in different microswitches for each direction.  Switches that have a larger grams force take more force to engage. You may prefer this on the up and down directions, while a lighter force is desired for left and right direction. You can mic and match your switches to your preference, enhancing your directional gameplay.


    • Compatible with .250" Omron V-Series and D3V  microswitches. Also compatible with .187" Omron V, D2RV and D3V series, plus Gersung GSM-V switches
    • Will fit Sanwa JLF-TP-8YTSanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK Joystick, and most Sanwa JLF clone models that use TPMA design.
    • 5-pin JST-NH male connector attaches to existing JLF 5-pin female harness present in most Fightsticks.
    • Aluminum core for durability.
    • Will work with OTTO DIY V5 Kit for JLF.

    Manual and Microswitch Compatibility

    Install Manual (PDF, off-site, opens new window) new-window-icon.png

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