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Bit Bang Gaming Shuriken JLF PCB

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    Designed for use with .250" microswitches

    Please note that this device will not accomodate the smaller and more common .187" microswitches at this time. Please see "Support" for a list of tested and compatible microswitches.

    The Sanwa TP-MA PCB Assembly is one of the most common microswitch PCBs, with a tried and true design that remains one of the fighting game standards.  That said, should a microswitch need replacement due to damage or fault, your options are quite limited. You either buy a new TPMA PCB or solder a new replacement microswitch.

    Enter the Bit Bang Gaming Shuriken JLF PCB. The device will fit Omron V-Series .250" terminal microswitches that can substitute the switches found in the TPMA.  Just snap in each microswitch into the PCB's metal connectors - no soldering needed.


    • Compatible with .250" Omron V-Series and D3V  microswitches (see compatibility topic for list of tested microswitch models).
    • Will fit Sanwa JLF-TP-8YTSanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK Joystick, and most Sanwa JLF clone models that use TPMA design.
    • 5-pin JST-NH male connector attaches to existing JLF 5-pin female harness present in most Fightsticks.
    • Aluminum core for durability.
    • Will work with OTTO DIY V5 Kit for JLF.

    Manual and Microswitch Compatibility

    Install Manual (PDF) 

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    1. Great solution

      Solid material. Easy install and works perfect. on Feb 13th 2022

    2. Good product - does what

      Good product that allows one to easily change the joysitck switches. I only wish that Focus Attack would carry more different microswitches such as ZF (Cherry) microswitches instead of just the Omrons. on Feb 7th 2022

    3. Ninja level gaming

      It’s easy and functional and fits perfectly!
      Swapping micro switches is super fast and there’s less messy wires.

      I went with a heavier switch for my up input and lighter for the rest for fine tuned control and dashes.
      on Aug 24th 2021

    4. Very convenient and easy to install

      Just got the Shuriken plus a set of 400gf switches and it was a breeze to install.

      If you're someone who wants to further customize their stick, this is another avenue for that. After using a default Sanwa board+switches for awhile, these new items feel so much better to use overall. Highly recommend.
      on Jan 28th 2021

    5. A Must Have!!!

      The Shuriken PCB is a must-have if you want to find the best feel for your stick. The ability to easily swap out microswitches to see what resistances work best for your hand!!! I currently own a Madcatz TES+ on Nov 2nd 2020

    6. Customization AND Future-Proof!

      I was slightly hesitant to pick this up because, while I definitely saw merit in the concept, I didn't have enough appreciation for the amount of options available already to customize the feel of your stick. But, after reminding myself how many times a microswitch has died in my JLF, as well as learning more about the actuation force options, I picked one up, and all my skepticism is gone. I personally like the standard spring tension on a JLF, but was curious if a switch with a stiffer switch spring would help with my tendency to be a little sloppy with directional inputs, and my hunch was spot on. not only that, but if I ever decide I'd like to go back to the standard switch feel, or if one of my current switches happens to go out, not only can I make a simple order for the replacements, but can put them in quickly, with no difficult installation. Awesome product! Highly recommend! on Oct 9th 2020

    7. Genius

      Fast and easy to assemble, the fact that one can be used with so many switches. Not to put down the JLF but if one switche would go out you would have to buy the whole assembly. Good stuff, my dudes. on Oct 8th 2020

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    Shuriken JLF PCB Installation Video

    Quick installation video for the Shuriken JLF PCB. ~Available at these distributors~ ~Social Media~ Twitter: @BitBangGaming Instagram: BitBangGaming Facebook: :::::::::::::::::::: Music: Summer - Bensound Support by RFM - NCM: ::::::::::::::::::::
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