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Bit Bang Gaming Shuriken Korean PCB

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    Important: Not all Fightsticks Are Compatible with Korean Levers

    It is worthwhile to note that this product does not provide immediate compatibility to Fightsticks that do not have the room or the collar hole space required in some Korean Levers. Please review whether your Fightstick can accomodate a Korean lever before purchasing this product or any Korean joysticks.

    For proud owners of a multitude of Korean joystick levers (or soon to be), connectivity to commercial Fightsticks can be a sticking point. Compatibility with one requires a microswitch to 5-pin conversion harness. This is not always ideal depending on the available space in your fightstick for this harness.  The Bit-Bang Gaming Shuriken Korean PCB offers a clean, secure solution to wiring up the switches, and connecting to a the 5-pin female JST-NH harness usually designed for Japanese levers.


    • Compatible with .187" Gersung and Omron hinge microswitches (download manual to see full list of compatible microswitch models).
    • You can use the .187" microswitches that come with your Korean lever.
    • Elegantly breaks out all signals to a 5-pin JST-NH connector; this attaches to existing JLF 5-pin female harness present in most Fightsticks.
    • Presses down on all switch bodies evenly, eliminating switch tilt found on some Korean levers.  Thus creates a predictable mechanical installation.
    • Labels all switches and pins to help understand which wires on the 5-pin JST-NH connector perform which directional action.
    • Sports a 2mm thick aluminum core for added durability and attractive presentation.

    Optional JLF Extension Harness

    The JLF 5-Pin Extension Harness adds between 3.5 to 4.5 inches to the length of an existing 5-pin harness, and can be used for the Shuriken Korean PCBs. This is useful for when a retail arcade stick has tight wiring and will not easily connect to an after-market part. The Victrix Pro is an example of a retail stick that would need the extension when installing a Shuriken Korean. You can bundle this with your Shuriken Korean PCB. 

    Compatible With These Korean Joystick Levers

    Manual and Microswitch Compatibility

    Install Manual (PDF) 

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    1. GAME CHANGER!!!

      I have a Mayflash F500 and wanted to change my Sanwa to Taeyoung Fanta. I tried .187 to 5 pin but I don’t enough room unless I bend the pins which I am uncomfortable with. Little did I know, there’s a dedicated PCB board for K-levers and worked without any hassle at all. on Feb 10th 2023

    2. Great for Knee's,bad for one's with Gates.

      Love the Shuriken for both my Knee Lever and My 303 Quick release Lever and fits perfectly. But,for 303 release lever for my other Shuriken it couldn't fit even with or without the Gate because the four slots oh well,I sell it to a Lucky Canadian who needs it for his or her Crown Lever. on Jun 27th 2021

    3. Probably the best wiring solution for Korean levers

      Not much to say here that probably hasn't already been said by other reviews. It's solid, it's sturdy, and it's probably the best option for people like me who have a few JLF 5 pin harnesses laying about. Probably the best part is not having to worry about whether or not you've installed your direction inputs wrong, just make sure the pins are facing towards your buttons and PCB, and you should be okay. on Jun 9th 2021

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    • Best arcade stick upgrade in 2022, Bit Bang Shuriken?
      Is the Bit Bang Shuriken the best arcade stick upgrade in 2022...

    Best arcade stick upgrade in 2022, Bit Bang Shuriken?

    Is the Bit Bang Shuriken the best arcade stick upgrade in 2022 ? Let's find out. Arcade stick upgrades need to be functional, priced right, and easily installed. The Shuriken has all three. It offers form, function and performance. So let's upgrade. Don't forget to subscribe for more battlestation goodness: ?Recommended video? Link to Buttercade Stealth Bomber review: Link to BitBang ZeroKo review: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me: Bit Bang Website: Link directly to the Shuriken: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are building a Youtube Channel, I highly recommend Tube Buddy. It provides great analytics to help manage and grow your channel. If you use my link to join, I'll get a small commission, but it doesn't effect your sign up cost. They offer a free tier also. #Beststickupgrade #Koreanlever #bitbanggaming #2022 #upgrade #arcadestick #fightstick #FGC #Tekken #shuriken #fanta #wavedash #buttercade
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