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Attack on Wakeup Holiday Sale Giveaway - we have a winner! Sale ends midnight PST!

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There are just a few more hours into our Cyber Monday shopping event.  I promise to make this a short newsletter so if you haven't already, you can get right to the deals.

Holiday Sale Hours

For those living on the West Coast, we received your helpful feedback.  Our Attack on Wakeup holiday sale will remain open until 11:59pm PST, rather than EST.  For those living on the East Coast, you can save for an extra 3 hours, as we end the sale at 3:00am EST! 

Free USA, Discounted International Shipping for Orders over $40 until 2018!*

Free USA, 25% Discounted Global Shipping for orders over $40 This message serves as a reminder both domestic and international players like you. Our holiday sale kicked off a special FREE shipping offer for non-fightstick orders over $40. If you live across the pond, shipping rates are also discounted by 25%.  Please note that the international shipping rates are automatically discounted at checkout; we technically cannot display the original rate and discounted rate together since it is generated in realtime.

*Orders that include a  Fightstick do not qualify for free shipping, but will ship for just $15.95 via UPS or FedEx Ground.  Fightpads and smaller models will ship within the free shipping discount.

Winner of our Holiday Sale Giveaway!

I'm happy to announce the winner of our Holiday Sale Giveaway: Michael Perras!  He chose the Playstation 4 configuration.  Thanks for the more than 18,000 entries to the giveaway!

If You Didn't Win...

Not winning a special giveaway is disappointing, but there are still opportunities to win other prizes at FA.  Right now, we're holding two great contests for  Udon Entertainment.

Pre-order Shadowloo Special #1 for a chance to win a customized white Hori RAP Fightstick for PS4!

Win a customized White Hori RAP v4! Enter by purchasing either the Limited Edition Delta Blue, Udon store exclusive Delta Red or comic homage (CVR-C)variant. Sweepstakes is open to US, and international entrants. Winner announced Wednesday, December 6 at 8:00pm EST.

Win a Sony Playstation 4 console with copy of Megaman Legacy 1&2 by pre-ordering Megaman Mastermix #1!

Win a Sony Playstation 4 and copy of Megaman Legacy Collection 1 & 2 by pre-ordering any of the Mega Man Mastermix comics! Sweepstakes is open to US, and international entrants. Winner announced Tuesday, January 23 2018 at 8:00pm EST.

Still time to Stack and Save

You may already know that we and other vendors cannot discount Brook products at their request. However, if you are a FA.Rewards member, you may still have an opportunity to save on your entire order, even if it includes Brook products.

This diagram shows how you can save by stacking your FA.Reward coupon code with an existing store discount:

FA.Rewards makes every purchase, survey answer, and FA product you share via Facebook or Twitter count towards a coupon code worth up to $20 off your entire shopping cart. A savvy game player like you can take advantage of this by stacking your coupon codes atop sale discounts to save even more.

In speaking with Brook, they understood that you deserve to spend your earned rewards as you see fit. Additionally, FA.R coupon codes are always applied to the order total as opposed to the individual product. That means even if we can't discount Brook products, you still have an opportunity to save.

To learn more about FA.Rewards, click the image below.

FA.Rewards: Learn More

Can I replace the microswitch in my Sanwa JLF?

TPMA PCBQuestions come in all forms, from the complex muti-part interview to the simple exchange.  We at welcome them all. Joseph Howell - our support contact - explains why replacing a single microswitch in a Sanwa JLF lever is not for the faint-hearted. READ ARTICLE

Success comes in many forms

I'd like to take this moment to thank you, humbly, for the year that was and is so far.  I want our success to resemble that of a company that has been around for 7 years, one that has matured, and most importantly thinks about the customer experience now more than ever.  We've also done well over the past year, and while financials are good, I'm still in awe of the feedback you provide each day. We're not perfect, but both helpful suggestions and praise show we're on the right track.  As of now, FA isn't going anywhere.  This is my life, and with my staff, I'll keep working hard to improve your experience with us.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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