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BNB Fightstick Black Gloss and Black Matte will resume August 6 or sooner

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Thanks to everyone who have expressed great interest in the BNB Fightstick family. Over the past few months, I've been floored by how many have adopted this attractive, all-acrylic model, and enjoyed the opportunity to build your own.

On Monday July 27, I learned that our supply of black Matte P95 .177" acrylic was near fully depleted. While a recent shipment was supposed to replenish this, the shipment contained P95 of the wrong thickness - '118" vs .177".  Speaking with the manufacturer, they anticipate a restock shipment to correct this will occur within a week.    

We anticipate the corrected material arriving by August 6, and want to make sure there is enough time for delivery to occur. 

I will be offering this P95 Matte material in .118" for other models in the future, such as the Qanba series, and AFS Fightsticks as a panel replacement.

I apologize for the issues here - this came as quite the surprise for me. I'll work to get these issues fixed as soon as possible.



Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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