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BnB Fightsticks Purchasing Temporarily Disabled due to Laser Filtration System Replacement

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Thanks to everyone who have expressed great interest in the BNB Fightstick family. Over the past few months, I've been floored by how many have adopted this attractive, all-acrylic model, and enjoyed the opportunity to build your own.

On Monday May 20, I learned from staff that we needed to replace the laser's filtration system.  The system address both fumes and odors from cutting acrylic so that cutting is performed safely for staff.  The new filtration system is an industrial heavy duty model with increased HEPA filters that are perfect for the near non-stop use that the main laser gets these days.

Partly due to COVID-19 pandemic, this new system will not arrive for several weeks, as such systems are in high demand, and each system must be custom built.  

I'm investigating an alternate system to temporarily address fumes via isolation to a separate room and use of a smaller form fume extractor.

Outstanding Orders

We do have a few BNB orders remaining in the queue.  I will reach out to each customer to confirm whether they prefer to keep or cancel their order.

I apologize for the issues here - this came as quite the surprise for all involved, and testament to how hard these machines work with such high demand over the last few months.  I'll work to get these issues fixed as soon as possible.



Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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