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Coming Back Soon: Store Checkout Disabled Until November 9



Thanks to you and others for the well wishes as we proceed to move fulfillment operations from a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company to FA. Starting Friday November 9, all future orders are handled by our internal team.  For those who missed our report last week, I'll try to answer questions you might have.

What is Going On?

In 2017, we hired a 3PL service to assist in picking, packing, and shipping orders through our company.  Our hopes were to address fulfillment inconsistencies with previous staff, expand storage for future products, and provide a consistent turnaround you expect from a professional company.  

While our intention was to improve the customer experience, over the past several months, we found that a third party wasn't suitable for our unique business. Over the year, we decided to purchase our own warehouse to replace the one we were leasing, and set about hiring new fulfillment staff.  With all elements now in place, the next step is to move inventory back, set up our inventory systems, and train the new staff.

A full explanation is available here.

Why Must you Disable Purchasing?

We must make sure that no new orders are placed during this transition.  Doing this allows the 3PL service to pack up our inventory, and for us to transport it back to the new warehouse and properly set everything up.

We're operating within the 3PL's schedule, which is why we are opening two weeks from today.

What Happens to Orders Placed Before Today?

All existing orders will continue to process and ship as normal.  The 3PL will pack up inventory only when all orders are completed.  This is why we must temporarily disable purchasing.

All other operations, such as customer and technical support will remain in service.  Should you have any questions about your order, please don't hesitate to reach us at, or call 1-855-95-FOCUS (M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST).

When Does Purchasing Come Back?

The store will officially re-open on Friday, November 9 at 10:00 AM EST.  Be on the lookout for some special announcements prior to that date.

Please note that some orders placed Friday may not ship until Tuesday November 13 due to Veteran's Day.  Click here for a list of national holidays.

Will You Have a Storewide Sale?

To allow our new staff some time to learn the new processes and perform accurately, we won't launch a store-opening sale.  That said, we will offer certain specials during opening week, including a chance to win some prizes. With the holidays just around the corner, rest assured storewide sales are coming we well.

Thank You So Much!

I humbly appreciate you for allowing us to serve you over the years.  Sometimes the best of intentions do not pan out, but over the year, we have learned much about how to better serve our customers. Inventory counts will see marked improvements, custom orders can ship quicker with everything in-house again, and packaging will receive extra attention that the 3PL may have missed for the sake of speed. My staff will continue to put customer service first and foremost.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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