A quick word regarding COVID-19, domestic USPS/FedEx Ground tracking issues plus international shipping precautions.

Cyber Week, Daily Giveaway: Get 20% off Storewide + Chance to Win!



Again, thank you very much for supporting us during our return on November 9.  It was heartwarming to see folks come back, offer well-wishes, and keep our new fulfillment staff busy. The new system is running, and outside of a few initial bumps, the extra QA process is helping to ensure nearly all orders are shipped accurately. 

For those who are still looking for savings during the sales holiday, I hope you'll drop by today through Cyber Monday!

Save 20%-30% Storewide 

These are the some of deepest cuts of the year.  Starting today through Monday, November 26, you can save 20% on joystick levers, pushbuttons, wiring, accessories, qualifying electronics, customization services like Plexworks, and more while supplies last! Available Fightsticks get their own discounts of $15-25, and many qualify for 50% off customization services for artwork and plexi.

The discounts for merchandise and toys goes up this time as well - save 30% on FunkoKotobukiya and other collectibles!

Exceptions to the sale are pre-orders and Brook products as normally expected. If you are already a FA.Rewards member, however, it's worthwhile to keep reading. 

Free USA Shipping on Orders $40 and Up

Our promotion from the "Taking It Back" sale still runs until end of year! Take advantage of  FA Economy shipping to receive free shipping if your order subtotal is just $40 or more. Residents in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are included in this promotion. If you live outside the USA, you still get to save 25% off USPS international shipping across all methods if your order is $40 and up.

FA.Rewards - Get More for Less

If you're a longtime member of our free  FA.Rewards program, now's a great time to cash in those chips! For the remainder of 2018, you can redeem money saving coupons - up to $20 - for 50% less gold and blue chips. These coupons stack atop the significant discounts you'll already find this week.  Best of all, you can use coupon codes towards anything in the store, no restrictions.

If you're not yet a member, now is also a great time to join, as your order today counts towards FA.R chips that you can use later. Here's  how to join - it's simple and costs nothing to start saving!

Cyber Week Daily Giveaway

Starting today, you can enter for the chance to win one of six prizes, awarded daily now through Cyber Monday! Many are collectible - some out of print and harder to find. Each prize winner is announced after 8:00pm EST. Let's check out what is on offer:

How to Enter

Automatically by Purchasing during Cyber Week

Each purchase made during the week counts as an entry for any prize offered. If your name isn't called for any of the earlier prizes, it will continue to count as an entry towards the next prize.

Via Entry Form

If you do not want to make a purchase, you can still enter via form.  Click the button below to get started:

Click to Enter the Attack on Wakeup Cyber Week Giveaway!

Thanks Again, and Enjoy Thanksgiving Holiday!

I can't thank you enough for coming back to FA and giving us another chance to serve you.  The new QA system is designed to check orders as they are picked and just before they are packed.  Each employee's work is logged so if there are any issues, we know where it started and can fix it.  The new staff is getting used to the parts, and the new system is working well.  Jenn is pretty excited about the potential of it all, especially as we see how much easier it is to send purchase orders and receive new inventory.

Overall, I'm looking forward to getting operations back on firm footing, where I can focus on bigger projects that I think you'll find worthwhile.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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