An explanation and remedy measures from our team.

Extended fulfillment schedule - an explanation and steps to remedy

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Everyone is gearing up for Street Fighter 6.

That much is evident by the significant surge in orders placed with us in the past 30 days.  As a result, our fulfillment staff is fielding dozens of orders per day, and creative staff finds their inbox maxxed with print and cut requests.

The current work schedule of Monday-Friday creates a backlog of orders on Monday, as staff needs to fulfill those orders placed over the weekend.  

Okay. What will FA do about it?

We're currently all hands and working through orders - creative and noncreative. That means myself included - we're all pitching in to get orders through.  

Additionally, we're addressing the weekend backlog with a new, dedicated weekend staffer. He or she will process orders placed over Saturday and Sunday, lightening the burden for Monday - Friday staff. Those orders placed on the weekend will ship on Monday.  

Each of us knows that you're quite excited for what looks like a very promising sequel to the Street Fighter series.  It's never easy to anticipate where the economic headwinds will go, and running a business has its many challenges.  That said, I appreciate your support and will continue working with staff to get orders out the door. 


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss