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FA Shipping Exception Friday + New Products from Hori and Udon

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I apologize for being quiet on social networks the past week.  It's safe to say that at FA, a number of significant changes are coming with the aim to improve your shopping experience.  To offer these improvements, there are a number of adjustments I am putting into place over the weekend. 

Shipping Exception

As of 1:00pm EST today, FA will halt shipping new orders until Monday, August 7.  We are moving fulfillment operations to a new facility on Friday.  Orders can still be placed on the website. Today our goal is to ship all orders that were placed this week until our Thursday mail pickup.

The exception are orders specifcially for Udon products, as these are already at the new facility, and will ship as normal.

Faster Turnaround

We currently require at least 2-3 days processing time for non-custom (FA Plexworks) orders due to the large queue we get.  That is sometimes extended during big sales, such as Attack on Wakeup, which thanks to you was the largest sale in our 7 year history.  We can't operate with the small team of packers as we have, as both demand for parts and shopper expectations require some big changes.  That is why we are moving operations forward. 

 The goal is to begin shipping most non-custom orders consistently either same day when orders are placed before 1pm EST, or next day for orders placed after that time, Monday-Friday.  This includes sale events.  While delivery times will always depend on the carrier and method chosen, this new change should help to speed up all non-custom orders.

Order Changes and Corrections

On that I'll have some notable warnings for customers used to requesting order change, combines and corrections.  Simply put, we will not have the opportunity to do this when orders are shipping same day. While mistakes can happen, it is very important to check your order information and products desired in your cart before you checkout because it may ship within 1-2 hours of placing it, if ordered before 1pm EST through the week.

I'll have notices on checkout.  This certainly isn't to discourage you from shopping, but to save the hassles that come from FA shipping an order before you have time to send changes.

Overall, I hope you'll like these changes to FA's ordering experience.  We may have some hiccups early on as we get used to the new facilities, but I believe it's the best step forward for players like you.

Hori RAP N Coming Soon. Free Shipping and Bonus Items!

Pre-Order the Hori RAP N Hayabusa Fightstick Hori recently released the Tekken 7 RAP N for PS3, PS4 and PC in June - a modern take on their original design for DOA5.  Today, you can  pre-order the unbranded model, designed with an attractive gold, silver highlight and the same functionality as the  Tekken 7 model.  Notable features include:

For a limited time, any RAP N pre-order will receive a free KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Plate (2016 Model) plus Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick, each compatible with the Hori Hayabusa joystick lever. These items are automatically added to your pre-order and will ship together.

Udon Additions

Over the next week, we'll have some variant restocks for  Udon's Street Fighter and Friends Swimsuit Spectacular, plus some exclusive variants from out-of-print series Street Fighter Unlimited.  This one is quite special: SFU #1 Hot Ryu and Chun Li is especially rare, and never released to the public before.  We will have just few dozen copies available next week for $29.95 each.  This will be your only chance to get this variant. I'll announce once they are live.

Daigo The Beast Volume 1: Limited Post EVO Copies Coming August 10 

We're lucky to score remaining copies of Daigo The Beast #1 after they debuted at EVO 2017.  While supplies are limited, we'll have enough to support pre-orders and likely a number of launch orders for a short time.  The best way to score your own copy of this unique and massive manga featuring the most recognizable face in fighting games is to pre-order right now at $19.99.

Pre-Order Daigo The Beast Volume #1

Once these post-EVO units are gone, we will resume taking pre-orders until the official December launch. 

We'll soon have many other additions to the Udon catalog, including litographs from Jo Chen, hardcover Street Fighter Unlimited and Legends graphic novels, and quite a bit more.  Thanks for supporting the new  official store!

I have much more to share, but need to get going on preparations.  You'll see some changes take place over the weekend; some items are consolidated, some are removed temporarily, and some will be gone forever.  That said we're looking at many ways to make your shopping experience better at FA. I'm always open to feedback, and appreciate the suggestions.  


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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