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GamerFinger Reserve Disabled Until Further Notice

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Update May 29: GamerFinger has stated that our restock order has shipped, and we now have tracking.  The shipment was accepted May 29, which differs from the original date the company provided.  We hope to receive within a few days and begin fulfilling existing reserve orders.

Upon reaching what we feel is a maximum reserve queue, we have turned off reserving GamerFinger products until further notice from the company that our current purchase order has shipped.

Our last contact with GamerFinger was the week of April 30, to which we received notice that a restock order would ship around May 6.

Multiple inquiries with GamerFinger since then have gone unanswered.  While this is common with GamerFinger. We feel it is best to halt future reserve orders until we are able to fulfill our current queue.

If you have placed a reserve order and have questions, please send a message to



Jaleel Beck
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