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Global Shipping is Now 15% Cheaper! Plus, New Silent JLF, and SF VS DS Prize Update!

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Shortly after last week's Attack on Wakeup storewide sale, I announced that we would reduce shipping rates for global shipments.  Starting now, international orders are more economical to ship - about 15% cheaper! Here is an example - a $111.00 USD, 1.5lb parcel order shipping to Bolivia, with First Class International option, then the faster Express shipping option below it:

Several weeks ago, we began shipping packages via a new service that speeds up transit time for USPS international orders, including passing through customs.  Even as your shipping is cheaper, it still arrives faster than normal USPS.  For example, a small First Class shipment to Chile can arrive in 2-3 weeks, versus up to 90 days for the same shipment.

If you have shopped with us before, I hope you'll see how the lower shipping rates affect you.  For more information about our shipping policy and transit times,  please visit our Store Q&A.

International Customer Frequently Shopping in the USA?  Try Mail Forwarding with Viabox


If you live outside the United States, but shop online stores in the USA quite often, you may also find that Viabox may provide a solution for cheaper shipping rates. You can have multiple orders shipped to a Viabox supplied USA address, enjoy the low or free shipping rates from various domestic retailers, and pay a lower fee to Viabox to have the combined order shipment delivered to you. Information about Viabox is available here: Viabox Website (opens new window)

Coming tomorrow at 11:00 am EST: Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8BYT Silent Joystick

Sanwa returns to things of a quieter nature with the Sanwa  JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK joystick lever, to the relief of gamer's other halves trying to sleep through all night sessions of Street Fighter V.  This model utilizes the all-new Omron D2RV-G-SD3 microswitch, which provides a firm response to inputs.

The 8BYT is available tomorrow at 11:00 am EST for $59.95 - the same price as the Sanwa 8AYT. To get the full scoop of the new version of this famed silent model, you can visit our listing here.

Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers Giveaway: Updated Custom TE2+ Prize

Last week, we learned the fate of peripheral maker MadCatz, having filed  bankruptcy Viabox Website (opens new window) at end of March and now fading from existence.  That said, we still owe a lot to the company, with its staff pioneering the Fightsticks we now enjoy in the market, and encouraging all Fightstick manufacturers to step up their game. It is here that I'm happy to present one of the last TE2+ models available at our store as a prize for the Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers Giveaway!

Below you will see a photo of the updated TE2+, complete with custom artwork, grey color bezel and dark-red sides, red and smoke rim buttons, plus LED lighting! Not shown is the MadCatz carrying strap that we'll include with the prize.  In addition, we are awarding a complete set of  Funko Street Fighter Pops, plus a full-color poster of our exclusive Street Fighter VS Darkstalker #1 cover!

Enter for a chance to win!

There is  still time to enter and get your volume 1 copy of this 8-part crossover series from Udon Entertainment, as we we anticipate our copies of SF VS DS #1 will arrive sometime in mid-to late April.

MAKESticks Have Arrived

Thanks to each of you that purchased the  IST MAKEStick enclosure during and after our Attack on Wakeup Sale.  I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the custom work you've put into this economical Fightstick case.  Here is one example using our custom plexi and artwork services that I created for photo shoots:

IST MakeStick enclosure

There are many more worthwhile items coming from FA Plexworks, and I thank you for an incredibly successful Attack on Wakeup Sale!


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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