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Important Changes to our Order Status Notifications

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At FA, we value the feedback players like you send to improve your shopping experience.  

Many have suggested that we clarify some of the order statuses that are send by email, or appear in your registered account on our website.  Status phrases such as "Awaiting Fulfillment" or "Awaiting Shipment" were confusing, and didn't explain how the order was processing.  Thanks to internal improvements in our system, I'm pleased to share new, more useful notifications. If you recently placed a pre-order or custom order with us, please bear with us as you likely received a notification by email yesterday after 9:00pm EST.  I'll explain below:

"Awaiting Fulfillment" is now "Preparing for Shipment"

When an order is placed and is neither a pre-order or custom order, our fulfillment staff begins to process that order for shipment.  We currently ask for 2-3 business days to process and ship an order as it becomes part of our fulfillment queue. Occasionally that can take longer due to a higher-than usual order quantity, or holidays in which staff are not available, or the post office is not in service. Here is a list new-window-icon.png of USPS non-service holidays, in which FA staff are not present.

"Awaiting Shipment" is now "Custom Order"

When a  FA Plexworks custom, personalized order is placed, such as Fightstick print and cut artwork or etch and cut plexi, you will now see the order status "Custom Order".  This is very helpful, as it sets proper expectations for orders such as these.  Because a custom order is personalized to your submitted design, we ask for 5-7 business days new-window-icon.png to process them.  When the customized artwork or plexi is completed, your entire order will ship.  If you are curious about what FA Plexworks is and what services we provide, please drop by our support pagenew-window-icon.png


Over the past year, we have introduced the ability to pre-order or reserve select products at FA.  Originally, we used the confusing status "Awaiting Shipment" to represent a pre-order.  Now, your pre-order status will say exactly that, allowing you to recognize that your order is reserved for a product that will arrive to our warehouse at a specific time, and will ship after that point.

Changes Took Place Thursday after 9:00pm EST

Some of the original phrases used to represent custom and pre-orders were manually updated in our system.  You may have received an email with a notification that your order has changed to one of the new statuses, such as "Custom Order" or "Pre-Order".  The order itself will not change. Thanks for bearing with us as staff performed these updates. 

A Better FA Experience

With "Preparing for Shipment", "Custom Order", and "Pre-Order", you know exactly how your order is managed in our system. Ultimately, I believe that you will find these changes worthwhile.  In the coming months, I look forward to sharing new improvements to our fulfillment operations that will speed up turnaround for non-custom orders, and get what you need to win faster than ever before.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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