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Miss the last Holiday Sales Event? Time to Run it Back.

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Thanks to you and hundreds of other players that dropped by last week for our Attack on Wakeup holiday sale!  I'm always humbled by the support we get on those days, but also recognize that some who didn't know about the sale, or didn't stop by in time missed out.

Run It Back: 20% Off Storewide

Starting midnight (12am EST), you can take advantage of near-storewide savings up to 20%. Pick up some of the newly restocked joystick levers and arcade pushbuttons.  Looking for quick and easy gifts?  Why not pick up a Street Fighter, Tekken or Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Funko Pop, a Kotobukiya statue or a FREEing 1:12 scale model arcade cabinet? You could also purchase any Udon comic, artbook, or premium wall print at a great discount!

Additionally, you can score $10-15 off select Fightsticks and pads from Qanba or Hori, with up to 70% off custom artwork or plexi when bundled!

Free USA Shipping for Orders Over $40

Finally, all non-fightstick or Fightstick bag orders $40 and up can ship for free in the USA now until 2018!  Don't live in the USA?  You can still save 25% on international shipping.  To note, the international discount is applied at cart and checkout quotes are generated and discounted in realtime so we're unable to show before and after discount rates. 

Please note that the international shipping rates are automatically discounted at checkout; we technically cannot display the original rate and discounted rate together since it is generated in realtime.

*Orders that include a Fightstick do not qualify for free shipping, but will ship for just $15.95 via UPS or FedEx Ground. Fightpads and smaller models will ship within the free shipping discount.

Still time to Stack and Save

You may already know that we and other vendors cannot discount Brook products at their request. However, if you are a FA.Rewards member, you may still have an opportunity to save on your entire order, even if it includes Brook products.

This diagram shows how you can save by stacking your FA.Reward coupon code with an existing store discount:

FA.Rewards makes every purchase, survey answer, and FA product you share via Facebook or Twitter count towards a coupon code worth up to $20 off your entire shopping cart. A savvy game player like you can take advantage of this by stacking your coupon codes atop sale discounts to save even more.

In speaking with Brook, they understood that you deserve to spend your earned rewards as you see fit. Additionally, FA.R coupon codes are always applied to the order total as opposed to the individual product. That means even if we can't discount Brook products, you still have an opportunity to save.

To learn more about FA.Rewards, click the image below.

FA.Rewards: Learn More

Act Fast

Runback lasts 48 hours, ending Sunday December 3 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (or 3:00am EST Monday December 4). 

Closing Out

Earlier today you received an accidental newsletter post from last week.  My apologies for the mishap, as the newsletter backend decided it was to excited to keep to itself. I hope you'll take advantage of the sale and savings this weekend!


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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