What FA is doing to address order delays from September 5 onward

Order Shipping Delays: Week of September 5

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To start off, I appreciate your patience as we continued to work through a high-demand month leading to September. I also want to note that our business days are Monday - Friday. Staff is away from office on weekends.

During the Labor Day weekend, our staff was out of office until Tuesday, September 6. Upon returning to the warehouse, we began working through non-custom orders from late Friday September 2, through Monday September 5.

So what's the hold up?  

The current delays are caused by two circumstances: Reduced staff and high-demand months. This is a common issue amongst most small businesses today. I'll explain further:

  • We currently have one less staff member on hand for fulfillment, partly due to labor shortages. 
  • Depending on the demand and complexity of each order, staff can complete an average full day's worth of non-custom orders each day. That is roughly 80-100 orders per day.
  • Demand for parts in August exploded, partly due to EVO returning to a physical venue. We have since seen demand spike each week following into September, despite the usual downward trend that begins as students return to school. This means that a day's worth of orders will commonly exceed what current staff can handle, and will spill into the following day.
  • Each week, staff will begin Monday by working through the previous week's orders that have not yet shipped. At the very least this means they are attending to orders placed after the last carrier pick up on Friday, then Saturday and Sunday's orders. 
  • A national Holiday observed on a Monday will push back order fulfillment by an additional day.

What about Custom Orders?

We always ask for 10-14 business days to complete custom orders. Why? These orders require more time to complete as each are personalized requests across different models and configurations. 

Of those 14 days we request, this will include time for our fulfillment team to group them together, pick additional items purchased with the custom order, and then ship. These are handled separately from non-custom orders, and often require additional steps to complete.

What is FA Doing About These Issues?

Here is what we are doing to address the issues short and long term:

  • We recently hired a new staffer, whose primary goal is to rectify some of the fulfillment delays. He will work a second shift, assisting both creative and fulfillment. He is currently training.  
  • Additional staffers, including management are assisting current workers to get additional orders shipped this week and close the gap.

I'd Like to Cancel My Order. Who do I Contact?

I'm sorry to hear that, but understand that an explanation may not square up with your current needs and time. Should you decide to cancel your order, please reach out to If you already sent correspondence via a support ticket, simply reply to the ticket email.  All cancel requests will be addressed within 24 business hours, Monday through Friday. Credit cards often require up to 3 business days to refund the amount back to your credit or debit card. Paypal refunds are usually processed within 24 hours.

Businesses big and small are still grappling with a number of challenges post-COVID. Of them is finding staff in a tight labor market, and keeping up with demand for products even during inflation.  It's clear that you're enjoying your hobbies and the Fighting Game Community, and we'll do our best to meet your needs.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss