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Plexworks - Coming Back in September

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Update July 28 at 2:22pm:

We have decided to cancel any artwork and plexi service for orders that were placed after our EVO sale. This is due to the mammoth demand that was put on the service during and shorty after the sale, and recently added to the list.  I do not believe that we will manage this amount of orders in a reasonable time atop others that are still pending, and do not wish to keep outstanding orders waiting further.

I am offering two choices for orders that fall under this situation:

  • Remove the order and ship within the next business day.
  • Cancel the order entirely and refund in full.

Registered customers that choose either options will receive a store credit of $10 as thanks for their patience. It can be used at the next checkout.

Customers affected by this decision will receive a message on Saturday, July 29.  Outstanding orders, including those with corrected artwork will ship Monday August 1.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and hope for the opportunity to serve you in the future.

Original message:

Over a year in existence, I'm thankful at the outpouring of support for the Fightstick and accessory customization service.

We've found that even hiring a full-time Plexworks designer to etch and cut plexi, or print and cut artwork, demand following our Attack on Wakeup EVO sale surged to levels - hundreds of pieces over a short time - that admittedly is too much for one person to manage. Additionally our supply of plexi has run out for some services not already ordered, which requires us to disable that plexi thickness or color. To provide the level of excellent service you have come to expect from FA, I feel it is best to halt operations temporarily, resuming on Monday September 15.  

New Products and Services

During the temporary hold, I plan to spec the following models for release:

  • Hori Tekken 7
  • Hori DOA5
  • Hori RAP 3
  • Hori RAP V Import model
  • MadCatz VS
  • MadCatz Soul Calibur V
  • HitBox (latest model)

We'll also have some new models on hand - I can't share what that is yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it.

I am also looking for a second employee to manage the substantial demand for these services.

For those who have already placed an order, and have any questions, please feel free to contact Jenni will be on hand to answer them.

FA thanks you very much for the support. I'm personally glad that the service has resonated well with each of you, and exhausted at the same time!


Jaleel Beck

Final Boss

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