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Save 10% on Korean Origin Parts via code TEKKEN7

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Save 10% using coupon code TEKKEN7


Crown SDB-201-C

Tekken 7 - stated as the last game in a long and storied franchise - is finally upon us.  Tomorrow, many players will test their skills online and in events around the globe. Today, we introduce Crown/Samducksa's latest entry in arcade parts dedicated to Fighting game enthusiasts - the SDB-201.

Designed for those who commonly play on Japanese arcades, the SDB-201 is very much unlike earlier iterations such as Crown CWB203A.  It is a Japan standard 30mm diameter, features .110" (2.38mm) terminals which install in most Fightsticks, and uses a Japan-origin Futaba microswitch. I personally like the feel of the microswitch, it has just a bit of tension before fully pressing down.  The button itself has a pronounced cap from its housing, making it a forgiving platform for those who like to press down hard when they play.

Samducksa's translucent model - the SDB-201-C - features a separate cap and plunger; you can remove the cap and install custom artwork underneath.  A unique feature in the 201-C are tiny holes below the housing.  This helps you insert simple LED wiring. 

Finally, the SDB-201 is a screwbutton, with a slim ring that should fit in most metal and wood Fightsticks. Overall, this button is quite versatile, and I believe will resonate among Korean and Japanese players alike.

Save 10% on Korea-Origin parts through June 10

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Purchase Samducksa SDB-201 for a chance to win Tekken 7 Collector's Edition for PS4!

Purchase a Crown/Samducksa SDB-201 or 201-C screwbutton now through June 8 and you could win the Tekken 7 Collector's Edition for Playstation 4!

The Collector's Edition features a special steelbook, Tekken 7 soundtrack CD, Day 1 edition of the game, code to unlock Eliza (Tekken Revolution), and large statue, all enclosed in a slick collector's box.

We will announce a winner on Thursday June 8 at 8pm EST.  Good luck!

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On Tuesday, I reported that Michelle - one of our fulfillment staff - has a family member in hospice care, and was expected to die that morning.  I explained that FA also hired her husband and son, and they certainly needed to be there should in her mother's final hours.  During that time, Jenni and I packed orders shortly after our Memorial Day sale, which at 400+ orders, was a substantial undertaking.  It is here that I'm quite moved at the well-wishes - and patience - many have shown during this difficult time at FA. 

As can happen in hospice care, Michelle's mom actually did not pass away that day, which makes this all the more heart-wrenching to deal with. These next few days will test our resolve as staff reorganizes to fulfill orders should Michelle and family need more time away.  Going forward, we're putting some additional contingency measures in place so that order fulfillment remains constant.  Meantime, I thank you again for showing both comfort and encouragement to her family.


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