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Save 20% on FA Plexworks!


Save 20% on all FA Plexworks Artwork and Plexi Services!

If you're looking to personalize your favorite Fightstick, you're in luck. Today through 11:59 PM PST (2:59 PM EST Saturday October 20), you can save 20% on FA Plexworks! Here, you can submit your favorite artwork to be printed and laser cut to your fightstick model and specifications, or purchase a custom etch dustwasher or accessory. You'll see the discount applied in the order subtotal when you head to cart or checkout.

Not sure what to buy? Click here to visit  FA Plexworks and find your Fightstick model.

Stack and Save Even More: FA Rewards

FA Rewards

If you are already a  FA.Rewards member, you can redeem your Gold and Blue chips to save up to $20 off your order. If you're not a FA.Rewards member yet, why not sign up and earn towards your next discount - it's free!  

Ship Any Size: Up to $4.95!

If your order subtotal is $40 and up, you can ship for just $4.95 or less! To choose this shipping option, select FA Economy at Checkout.  International customers can save 25% on USPS global shipping rates, too!  Click here for an explanation.

A New Deal is Coming Your Way...and Important Message

For those who appreciate saving some money on shipping costs, we'll have a deal tomorrow for both domestic and international players.  

Additionally, I'll have some important information regarding our store on Sunday.  We're taking things back to basics in ways that folks shopping with us will appreciate. It's been a wild ride this year, and I'm looking forward to regaining control of our destiny.  

Again thanks for your Support!

As always, I appreciate you and many others that continue to shop at FA. Thanks to the dozens of folks that took advantage of yesterday's Sanwa 15% off promotion -- certainly a lot of Sanwa fans out there. Should you have any questions about an order, or a technical issue with a product whether you bought it from us or somewhere else, we're glad to help.


Jaleel Beck

Final Boss

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