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Udon Store is now at FA! Save 15% via code ILOVEUDON

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I'm incredibly happy to finally announce an online store partnership between Udon Entertainment and!

Udon Entertainment - founded in 2002 - is well known for publishing Asian-influenced comic books, art books and manga globally, plus providing creative services for many video game developers such as Capcom, Namco Bandai and others. 

When Focus Attack began in 2010 as a humble eBay store, Udon comic series and art books were some of the first products offered. Back then, we weren't known for selling arcade parts, and the company had a very different vision for what I thought was missing from the fighting game community. 

While my direction for FA adapted to the need of fighting game players, I've always wanted the opportunity to offer Udon comics and books, plus collectibles celebrating fighting games. Thanks to Udon, FA is now their official online store! 

Exclusives, Pre-Orders and Value Bundles

Starting today, you can purchase a large collection of out-of-print collectionsunique and rare covers, plus special discount bundles. We'll also have a collection of exclusive products you can only purchase or pre-order through the Udon store.

I'm also happy to mention that the online store isn't limited to just fighting-game publications.  You can find art books for anime such as Neon-Genesis Evangelion, and video games Dark SoulsPersona, and Monster Hunter.  My hope is that we can add many other titles that you didn't realize Udon actually published.

Save 15% Now through July 31 using code ILOVEUDON

Today through the end of July save 15% on all non-preorder titles using newsletter-exclusive coupon code ILOVEUDON.  You can add the code during checkout.

Street Fighter and Friends 2017 Swimsuit Special R.Mika Giveaway

There's still some time to pre-order the Udon Street Fighter and Friends 2017 Swimsuit Special, featuring gorgeous tribute artwork from nearly two dozen illustrators. Now through July 26, you can still enter for a chance to win a special prize featuring R.Mika! Click on the image below to enter, or click here.

Win a R.Mika themed Razer Fightstick, Kotobukiya statue, and full size R.Mika poster!

More to Come

I must thank you for contributing towards this Udon partnership.  The company was impressed by the response to our original Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers Fightstick giveaway, and saw potential in FA as they moved forward from the existing, which has not seen an update in some time. The domain will eventually point to our website. My desire is to provide the latest online offerings from Udon, such as full size posters and other collectibles, additional manga titles and art books, plus a site fully dedicated to Udon publications and merchandise for the publications that they support.  Much of this will arrive in the weeks and months to come.

I certainly haven't forgotten about our arcade parts, and very much look forward to sharing new developments across the entire line soon.  One of the initiatives is to bring fulfillment up to speed so your non-custom orders get done faster than our existing 2-3 day turnaround. I'll have more on that as we make progress on that front.

Thanks again!


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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