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We have a Nintendo Switch Winner: Attack on Wakeup Spring 2017 Sale Ends Tonight!

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First off, I want to thank over those who contributed over 22,000 entries across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email for a chance to win our Attack on Wakeup Nintendo Switch Giveaway.  It is here that I want to congratulate the winner of this giveaway:


Congrats to Justin Germino of California!

Justin will receive a Nintendo Switch console, a 128GB SDXC card for game storage, copy of Ultra Street Fighter 2 upon release, his choice of Nintendo Switch game, and a Hori Real Arcade Pro Fighstick upon release!

I wish that I could award everyone a similar prize, but hope you might still decide to try out for our Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers giveaway, where you can win a customized MadCatz TE2+ Fightstick, full set of Funko Street Fighter Pops, and full size color poster of our comic cover.  To enter, simply purchase a copy of  SF VS DS #1 with our exclusive cover, or any Udon Entertainment Art Book, which also comes with two FREE rare Udon comics.  We'll announce a winner one week after Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers arrives to our store, which is likely by mid-april.

Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers MadCatz TE2+ Giveaway

For others, I hope you'll take advantage of the last few hours before our Spring 2017 storewide sale comes to an end at 11:59pm PST (3:00am EST).  If you missed the last newsletter, here is a recap of the sale, plus new items added to the store.


Attack on Wakeup Spring Storewide Sale - Last Day!


"Attack on Wakeup" storewide sales began more than three years ago.  It was originally created as thanks for your support during hard times we experienced earlier in FA's lifetime, from Jenni's surgery, to moving from a small room, to expanded cellar, small warehouse to where we are today. For most in the fighting game community, Attack on Wakeup has its own meaning that we also took to heart - it's an opportunity to grab a ton of savings as soon as we open.  

Today is the last day to save 15% on nearly everything we offer in the store, from joystick levers, pushbuttons, accessories, wiring, and more.*

Free US Shipping for Orders $60 and Up. Int'l Shipping Reduced 25%

During this time, any order $60 and up will ship for FREE in the USA. International customers will enjoy a reduction of 25% from their normal shipping rates, plus faster USPS shipping for all methods via our new shipping service. Please note that all Fightsticks and the IST MAKEStick Pro Fightstick case are not included in free shipping, but have their own $15.95 FedEx shipping discounts for domestic USA shoppers.

$10 off All FightSticks

Qualifying FightSticks from MadCatz, Hori and Qanba will receive their own discount of $10 off retail, plus still enjoy domestic shipping for just $15.95 via FedEx Ground. Pricing and shipping exceptions include Hori Mini 4 PS3/PS4/PC Fightstick and Hori Fighting Commander PS3/PS4/PC Wired Joypad; these will qualify for discounts of 15% and for free shipping for orders $60 and over.

IST MAKEStick Pro Fightstick Case


For many years, players asked if FA could carry a Fightstick enclosure, allowing them to build a custom model from the ground up. I'm glad to finally have the opportunity to share with you the  IST MAKEStick - a model quite familiar to fighting game enthusiasts, and perfect for both upcoming Tekken 7 players and SFV players alike. You can get the enclosure at an economical $54.95, along with discounts on select joysticks, the IST PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Kit, Neutrik connectors, plus custom plexi and artwork. Ship everything in your cart for just $15.95 via FedEx Ground when you purchase the IST MAKEStick case. Today, you can save even more on the enclosure during Attack on Wakeup.  It's a great way to get started on your own Fightstick.

Qanba Dragon Fightstick Plexi and Artwork Services Now Available

Personalize your Qanba Dragon Fightstick

The  Qanba Dragon Fightstick debuted as Qanba's first luxury model, both in size and design.  It's a sight to behold.  Today, you can make it unique with custom artwork and plexi services from FA Plexworks.  Plexi colors options are available in clear and Black.  You'll have a full 17.5 inches across for creative artwork or etching.

Planning to buy the Qanba Dragon while it is on sale?  You can save 50% on artwork and plexi services every day when bundled with the Fightstick.  Be sure to add the Fightstick to your shopping cart in order to see the discounts for custom items.

In regards to customization services, the  Qanba Crystal is next, followed by Razer Panthera, official HitBox, and then older Fightsticks that we're received the most inquiries for.

Brook NinCade Wireless Control PCBA for Nintendo Classic/Famicom Mini Console

Brook NinCade Wireless Control PCBA Kit for NES Classic or Famicom Mini

If you purchased Nintendo's charming 8-Bit throwback console, you've already recognized that their attention to detail included a criminally short gamepad cable. The Brook  NinCade Wireless Control PCBA for NES Classic or Famicom Mini is a solder-free DIY solution that removes the corded limitations of the popular tiny console. NinCade connects the NES Classic Mini or Famicom Mini to a wide host of modern wireless Bluetooth controllers, such as:

  • PS4/PS4 gamepads
  • Wii U, Wii gamepads
  • 8-BitDo wireless controllers
  • Variety of bluetooth input devices for iOS and Android

We have a very small supply of these, given that Nintendo console solutions are not what we commonly offer at FA.  However, it is a DIY project perfect for most that visit the store, and should demand warrant it, we'll get much more.  You can  get yours now for $29.95.

What's in a Name? FA is KDiT's official USA Retailer

KDiT Logo

Kori 35mm Hollow Balltop: Pink

KDiT stands for "Keep Design in Taiwan". For years, most in the fighting game community has been familiar with the company's line of Fightsticks, plus colorful accessories for joysticks levers.  For a time, it was agreed by suppliers and retailers to white-label those accessories under different names.  For some, this became a confusing trend.  FA was fortunate enough to engage with KDiT so that we could not only embrace their brand, but become their official USA retailer.  

It is here that I hope we'll find great opportunities to share with you new items from KDiT first.  One of them is an all-new  Sakura Pink Kori Balltop.  As with existing Kori balltops, features a hollow center for LED lighting.  

In the mood for more pink? Check  out our "Pink" section for all things rosy.

Seimitsu PS-15 Pushbutton Now Comes in White

PS-15 White

Seimitsu's line of pushbuttons are often quite consistent across colors, so I was just as surprised as you to find that among the colors available for  PS-15 lineup, white was missing from it.

Thankfully, you're now able to purchase white - both solid white and with black rim versions of this low-profile button.  We have a limited supply of them for now, but hope to add more as demand picks up.  You can  get yours for just $2.45 each, or 15% off during the sale!

More to Come

In the coming weeks we start the process to replenish inventory up to several months reserve, so you can find most items in stock at FA throughout the year. Finally, international customers will find their costs to ship will go down by approximately 15% shortly after ATOW, already with faster transit times. Thanks again for your support, and I'll look forward to serving you! 


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

*15% discounts excludes Brook products, as requested by Brook.

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