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We have a Winner! There's Still Time to Save 15% Storewide!



Thanks to you and everyone that participated in our Attack on Wakeup sale and Giveaway.  We received an overwhelming number of entries for this incredibly hot fighting-game title coming January 26 - more than 32,500 at the contest's 8:00pm closing time.  Of these entries, I'm very happy to congratulate the winner:


John will receive the following prizes: Playstation 4 Slim console, personalized Qanba Obsidian Fightstick for PS4/PS3/PC, and a copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ:Ultimate Edition!

More Giveaways to Come: Megaman Mastermix

We're not yet done with special contests and giveaways this month.  Megaman fans have a lot to celebrate this year with a wholly new title Megaman 11, plus the Megaman X Collection - all of the best titles from the much celebrated X series.  Udon is getting into the game with  Megaman Mastermix - a large, 80 page graphic novel featuring the venerable Blue Bomber.  We're offering a Playstation 4 console, plus several titles, including Megaman Legacy 1 and 2, the upcoming Megaman 11, and Megaman X Collection!

To enter, you can  pre-order a copy of Megaman Mastermix, including the Udon Store Exclusive Aki-Li variant.

Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 CVR A Story Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 CVR A Story Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 CVR B Guest Artist Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 CVR B Guest Artist Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 CVR C Blank Sketch Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 CVR C Blank Sketch Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 1:20 Limited Edition CVR D Homage Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 1:20 Limited Edition CVR D Homage Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 Limited Edition Aki Li Exclusive Cover
Mega Man Mastermix Volume #1 Limited Edition Aki Li Exclusive Cover

If you would like to enter without purchasing, click here for official rules and submission form.

We'll have more contests in the near future, including a unique one for fans of the award-winning, beautifully animated run-and-gun game, Cuphead.

Still Time to Save!

Additionally, to everyone that participated in our Attack on Wakeup Sale - I thank you.  If you haven't taken advantage of the savings, there is still at least 6 hours remaining!  Our sale ends at 11:59pm PST, which means that we won't remove discounts until 3:00am our time.  

You can save 15%* across, plus special prices on Fightsticks as we gear up for our Attack on Wakeup Winter 2018 Storewide Sale!

All products listed in the sale will have their discounts listed directly on the product. Sale exceptions include pre-orders, custom artwork/plexi services, and Brook brand products, as requested by Brook.

Free USA Shipping for Orders $40 and Up

Finally, all non-fightstick or Fightstick bag orders $40 and up can ship for free in the USA now until January 15, 2018! Don't live in the USA? You can still save 25% on international shipping. To note, the international discount is applied at cart and checkout quotes are generated and discounted in real time so we're unable to show before and after discount rates.

Please note that the international shipping rates are automatically discounted at checkout; we technically cannot display the original rate and discounted rate together since it is generated in realtime.

*Orders that include a Fightstick do not qualify for free shipping, but will ship for just $15.95 via UPS or FedEx Ground. Fightpads and smaller models will ship within the free shipping discount.

Stack FA.Rewards Atop Discounts and Save More

You may already know that we and other vendors cannot discount Brook products at their request. However, if you are a FA.Rewards member, you may still have an opportunity to save on your entire order, even if it includes Brook products.

FA.Rewards makes every purchase, survey answer, product review, and offer you share via Facebook or Twitter count towards a coupon code worth up to $20 off your entire shopping cart. It's FREE to join, and requires nothing more to join than creating a store account.

To learn more about FA.Rewards, click the image below.

FA.Rewards: Learn More

Brook XOne PS4/Switch/PC Adapter Arriving Saturday or Sooner

Brook remains at the forefront of console converters, including their family of console converters, Universal Fighting Board, and most recently Mars Wired PS3/PS4/PC/Switch gamepad.  Their latest - fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign - is the XOne multi-console converter. The XOne allows owners of an Xbox One gamepad to play on Playstation 4, PC via X-Input (Xbox 360 controller mode), and the popular Nintendo Switch. This device quite versatile: it will double as a rechargeable battery for your gamepad, offers wireless control, and supports your wired headset on PS4, turbo functions and button remapping.

We will have a very limited supply of these units for the first time, as Brook informed us that new units won't arrive until end of February.  

We'll have the inventory we received available before end of the week.  Meantime, you can visit the  Kickstarter page for more information.

Visit the Brook XOne Adapter Kickstarter page

Plexworks Returning Tomorrow

FA Plexworks - our custom artwork and plexi service for arcade FightSticks, returns tomorrow after a brief pause.  I'm humbled by the hundreds of requests that we received over the past month, but it highlights a logistical challenge that requires solving. We simply received too many requests for staff to manage at the time, and sale events only exacerbated the issue.  To begin rectifying the issue, we will have a number of measures in place:

  1. Additional staff are trained to assist with artwork processing - the most time-consuming portion of custom services.
  2. A new method of printing is in the works, which will offer much improved edge cuts, keep pushbutton artwork attached to the control panel print, and significantly reduce processing time by eliminating the drying period.
  3. Sales will no longer include Plexworks services.  This is done to normalize purchasing frequency.  While I don't expect requests to cease spiking during sales, it may assist in lessening the effects of sale-based discounts bringing everyone at once to request artwork and plexi.  

Thankful for the Opportunity to Serve You 

This process to revamp our printing method is still ongoing, so we will resort to the original method until it is perfected.  That said, I believe you will like the end-results, as well as the new services we will offer with the new printing process.  More Fightstick models are coming in time, which I plan to introduce once the new method is implemented. I understand some of the frustration coming from players who requested custom artwork to ship within the 7-10 business day period we ask for, and it ships after that.  I'm committed to rectifying that by investing in new equipment and staff that can address it.  We'll get started right away on your requests tomorrow.  Thanks again for allowing us to serve you now, and hopefully in the future.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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