Winter Weather Update: Staff Catching Up with Orders this Week

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We've received a number of inquiries regarding the status of orders placed late last week and this week. This message is to explain where we are in light of recent delays caused by weather incidents.

February was the month of several winter storms in Northeast USA.  Most recently, staff was affected by two just within the past week.  On Thursday, February 18, and Monday, February 22, we had back to back snow and heavy ice weather events that prevented them from visiting the office.

As a result, we are working hard to catch up with orders placed on the 22nd onwards.

Sanwa JLF Inventory Report

Of the order issues we've experienced, one of them is the supply of Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT.  A malfunction of a back-ordering app targeted the product, leading to an oversell of dozens of units. 

We have received our shipment of JLF units and are working hard to get these backorders released.

I appreciate your patience as we continue to process orders. We have multiple staff working to catch up.

If you have any questions about your order status, you can send a note to


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss