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BNB Black Gloss Plexi Fightstick Replacement Side Panels - 2.0 Inches

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    The sides of the BNB Black Gloss Plexi Fightstick consist of the front side, back side, a left and right side consisting of three 24mm button holes.  The front side (facing away from player) consists of a single cutout to mount a Neutrik NAUSB passthrough.

    Gloss Texture

    The all black BnB is designed for those who love the often sleek presentation of an all black Fightstick, or black with highlights of color that can make it stand out. Gloss is has the darkest color and sleekest presentation, though important to note that gloss is more difficult to keep clean or free of visible fingerprints. Matte is slghtly brighter so it will not directly match solid black accessories, but is smudge and fingerprint-resistant. Please refer to the photos below for comparison between gloss and matte texture.

    BNB Black Texture: Gloss BNB Black Texture: Matte
    Gloss Texture Matte Texture

    Two Inch Clearance for Larger Joystick levers

    This side represents the highest clearance of the BNB series, accommodating taller joysticks from the Seimitsu, Crown/Samsucksa, Taeyoung, and IST brands.

    Pre-Wrapped in Paper or Film Backing

    The panels are cut from acrylic sheets with protective brown paper or blue plastic film.  You may see scratches or wear on the paper or film as the sheets are cut and transported from the acrylic manufacturer to us, and should not appear on the plexiglass once removed.  To remove the film, use a fingernail on any available corner and proceed to pull away at the backing. The paper or film does not have adhesive and should not leave residue on the plexiglass.

    Standoffs Included

    Each side panel will include a set of four metal standoffs. These are used to support the top and support panels on the BNB Fightstick, and sized to the height of the acrylic sides you choose.

    BNB Assembled Dimensions

    Here are the Width x Length x Height dimensions of an assembled BNB Fightstick:

    Side Panel Height Width Length Height
    1.5" 15" 7.875" 2.25"
    1.75" - - 2.50"
    2.0" - - 2.75"



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