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BNB Clear Plexi Fightstick

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    Save 25% on Artwork when Bundled with BnB!

    If you're ready to customize right away, you can save 25% on any printed artwork with your purchase of the BnB Fightstick case. To redeem, add your BnB Fightstick to the cart, then visit the Customize category and add your custom artwork order to the shopping cart.  You will see the discount applied at checkout.

    BnB Vewlix Custom Sample BnB Noir Custom Sample BnB Korean Noir Custom Sample BnB All-Button Custom Sample BnB WASD Custom Sample BnB Bottom Panel Custom Sample
    Vewlix Noir Korean Noir All-Button WASD Bottom Panel

    Jonyfraze - a longtime and well-respected member of the Fighting game community - has offered his talents as a Fightstick graphic designer over many years. Those skills have ported well to designing Fightsticks. The BnB Fightstick is all-acrylic arcade stick that is easy to assemble, durable and true to Jonyfraze, holds incredible potential to personalize to your style.

    Open Canvas

    BNB Sample: Open Canvas

    From top to bottom, the BnB's all-acrylic design provides an almost literal window to any printed artwork.  The case allows your illustration to reach its very edges, as shown in the example above. You can even stack two prints together at bottom, displaying one print on the outermost bottom panel, and another on the innermost panel. This immersive approach adds much variety over the simpler single-panel prints. 

    Click on the product photo gallery to see stunning examples of completed BnB Fightstick, as it may provide plenty of inspiration for your next build.

    Multiple Layouts Available

    Much like the AllFightSticks family of steel enclosures, you can swap the top panel layout without having to purchase a new enclosure.  You can choose the one of currently five layouts that you desire for your kit.  Because the design is made of acrylic, it is possible to add more layouts over time.

    BNB Fightsticks: Vewlix Layout BNB Fightsticks: Noir Layout BNB Fightstick: Korean Noir Layout BNB Fightsticks: All-Button
    Vewlix Noir Korean Noir All-Button
    BNB Fightsticks: Sega 2P Extended Layout BNB Fightsticks: All 24mm Button Layout BNB Fightsticks: WASD Layout  
    Sega 2P Extended All 24mm Button WASD  

    BNB Assembled Dimensions

    Here are the Width x Length x Height dimensions of an assembled BNB Fightstick:

    Side Panel Height Width Length Height
    1.5" 15" 7.875" 2.25"
    1.75" - - 2.50"
    2.0" - - 2.75"

    Effortless Build

    The BnB Fightstick is designed as approachable case for beginners. The panels are constructed of a thick .177" (4.49mm) acrylic sheet, laser cut to shape. Each of the pieces fit together easily using pre-cut spaces, plus a few screws and standoffs.  The joystick mount uses a simple set of bolts, washers and nuts to keep the lever in place.   

    BnB: Included with kit

    Beveled Wrist Area for Comfort

    To address irritation caused by a sharp edge where wrists will normally rest on the fightstick, the top panel contains a slight bevel on the side facing you. This is done by shaving this side down with a scraper tool, smoothing the area.

    Free with purchase

    Free Instant Detailer Pack with Purchase

    Included with each purchase is the Brillianize Instant Detailer Pack For Plexiglass, perfect for any touchups either after installation or future maintenance.

    Flat Packed for Safe Shipping. Flat Rate Domestic shipping  

    The BnB arrives to you flat packed in either paper or film mask, and with the bolts, standoffs, and more of the parts you need for assembly. The panels are secured in bubble wrap with the parts attached at the top of the full kit. The units are then placed into a large box centered with crushed paper around the top, edges and bottom. For assembly instructions, please click the "Videos" tab, or scroll to the "Videos" topic if viewing on a mobile device.

    BnB Fightsticks, along with any items purchased with it, can ship domestically via FedEx Ground for a flat rate of just $15.95! [More informationnew-window-icon.png


    BnB Fightstick: Flat-packed, simple assembly


    BNB Parts Checklist

    When building your BNB the following lists can help you compile the parts needed for each layout and configuration.  Thanks to Jonyfraze for creating this list:

    General Configuration (For All Layouts)

    • Brook PCB of Choice
    • 20-Pin wire-harness (*Recommended but is optional if you plan on manually wiring)
    • 4-Pin harness for L3, TP, R3 (*Recommended but is optional if you plan on manually wiring)
    • Neutrik USB Passthrough + 18” USB Cable (*Not needed if using a Brook PCB with included Breakout Board such as PS4+ Audio & Wireless Fighting Board)
    • Adhesive PCB Mounting Feet (*Brook PCBs can also be mounted directly to case using two #4-40 flat machine screws and nuts)
    • External 10ft USB Cable to connect to Console/PC.

    Joystick Model Specifics (Vewlix, Noir, Korean Noir)

    • Eight 30mm (action) buttons for top panel (screw-in recommended)
    • Six 24mm (aux) buttons for side panels (screw-in recommended)
    • Compatible Joysticks for 1.5” Side Panels: Sanwa JLF, Hori Hayabusa
    • Compatible Joysticks for 1.75” Side Panels: All above, Seimitsu LS-40 / LS-56.
    • Compatible Joysticks for 2” Side Panels: All above, Crown, Taeyoung Fanta, IST. (*Korean style levers with 35mm collar require the Korean Noir BnB Panels).
    • .187 to 5-pin Conversion Harness is needed for Korean style levers

    All-Button Model Specifics

    • One 30mm (up) button for top panel (screw-in recommended)
    • Eleven 24mm (left, down, right, and actions) buttons for top panel (screw-in recommended)
    • Six 24mm (aux) buttons for side panels (screw-in recommended)
    • 5-Pin to Hitbox Conversion Harness

    WASD Model Specifics

    • Eight 30mm (action) buttons for top panel (screw-in recommended)
    • Four 24mm (up, down, left, right) buttons for top panel.
    • Six 24mm (aux) buttons for side panels (screw-in recommended)
    • 5-Pin to Hitbox Conversion Harness
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    1. My favorite case so far.

      I like it so much I'll be ordering another soon. Got the 2" panels so I had plenty of room for the Brook UFB and Brook retroboard. Top panel for buttons is very thick (not a bad thing) but I used sanwa click in buttons on the top and they Barely fit. I'll be replacing them with crown screw in buttons. In the assembly video it does say screw in buttons are recommended but I didnt know untill after I got the case. Highly recommend. Would like more options for side, front and back button layouts. Not everyone wants 14 buttons. Also a little disappointed I didnt get the free instant detailer pack with purchase. I'm an experienced modder and this case allows alot of customization. on Jan 18th 2020

    2. Looks wonderful! Durable and versatile

      Relatively easy to build alone, scratch-resistant and made of tough acrylic.

      I would've given it 5 stars however my item had a nick on the bottom plate which revealed itself only after I peeled the blue protective film.

      The bottom plate's top side rectangular hole slot also has cracks on both top corners too, either I caused it or exacerbated it.

      Currently observing the other slots but it seems to only exist on the top slot.
      on Jan 14th 2020

    3. awesome

      fun and easy to put together, anybody can do this. good to know the you can still mod it even further with the layout and height. SWEET on Dec 20th 2019

    4. Worth every penny1

      I've had this BnB case for 8 months or so. I purchased mine from Jonyfrazes website.

      Easy to put together, super sturdy feel and easy to do maintenance on.
      on Oct 20th 2019

  • Product Videos

    • BnB Fightstick Assembly Tutorial
      BnB Fightstick Assembly Tutorial JONYFRAZE "BREAD N' BUTTER" ...

    BnB Fightstick Assembly Tutorial

    BnB Fightstick Assembly Tutorial JONYFRAZE "BREAD N' BUTTER" ALL-ACRYLIC FIGHTSTICK CASE A minimal, easy-to-assemble, all-acrylic, tournament-grade custom fightstick case. Available soon from: #bnbfightsticks #diy #fightstick #arcadestick #case #arcade #fgc #tutorial AstroCity BnB Design by: Parts Used (Not Included): • Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick - • Samducksa SDB-202 30mm Buttons for Top Panel - • Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm Buttons for Side Panel - • Brook Wireless Fighting Board - • Buttercade Battery + PCB Caddy (White) - — Follow Me: — Current Streaming Gear: El Gato HD60 Capture Card: Logitech C920 Webcams: Webcam Mount (Top Angle): Blue Snowball Condenser Mic: Microphone Arm: Streaming Software: $10 Green Screen: Gaming Monitor: