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BNB Fightstick Gen 2 White Matte/Clear Plexi Kit

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    BNB Gen vs Gen 2

    Please note that BNB Gen 2 panels are not compatible with Gen 1. The top and supporting panels of Gen 2 have a smooth corner, which differs from the sharper corners of the previous generation.  Additionally the supporting panel and side panels contains a second tab, which is incompatible with Gen 1.  We will continue to support replacement panels, sides, and artwork services for BNB Fightstick Gen 1 models.

    Screwbuttons are highly recommended for BNB Fightstick. Snapbuttons may not properly fit due to plexi material thickness.

    Save 25% on Artwork when Bundled with BnB!

    Save 25% when you bundle!

    If you're ready to customize right away, you can save 25% on any printed artwork with your purchase of the BnB Fightstick case. To redeem, add a BnB Fightstick kit that contains a clear panel top or bottom to the cart, then visit the Customize category and add your custom artwork order to the shopping cart.  You will see the discount applied at checkout.

    Jonyfraze - a longtime and well-respected member of the Fighting game community - has offered his talents as a Fightstick graphic designer over many years. Those skills have ported well to designing Fightsticks. The BnB Fightstick is all-acrylic arcade stick that is easy to assemble, durable and true to Jonyfraze, holds incredible potential to personalize to your style.

    Generation 2: Made from Your Feedback

    The BNB has undergone three notable changes, thanks to feedback from fans and previous customers.

    Rounded corners, Jigsaw sides

    Rounded corners and smooth angles now soften the overall shape of the BnB, making it sleeker and sexier while avoiding the hard edges that may cause it to scratch other surfaces. Jigsaw sides increases their durability - they are no longer prone to accidentally cracking during installation or repeated installs.

    In addition, the joystick hole in the support panel has been sized larger for Korean low-profile collars, making it possible to install the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST35 Joystick and other low collar K-levers

    Smooth White Matte. Clear Top and Bottom Panel for Artwork

    The white BnB is designed for those who love the often sleek presentation of an all white gloss Fightstick, or white with highlights of color that can make it stand out.  Available in this variant is a clear acrylic top and bottom panel, perfect for displaying artwork on both sides of your BNB Fightstick. Included with this model are Set of 8 Bolts for BNB Fightstick Gen 1&2, adding bits of silver to the presentation.

    Product shown assembled with film mask removed. Kit will come unassembled with either paper or color plastic film mask. Accessories and/or custom artwork not included. (Photo courtesy Jonyfraze)

    The top two panels of the BNB Black/Clear Matte Plexi Fightstick consist of the control panel and supporting panel. The clear control panel provides installation for pushbuttons and will protect and display custom printed artwork. The supporting black panel contains the joystick mount (as applicable to the layout) and mount for PCB. It also contains an open space for the pushbuttons, shaped to the button configuration. Both are .177" (4.49mm) thick, and possess contour screw holes for use with Set of 8 Bolts for BNB Fightsticks and Set of 2 Bolts and Nuts for BNB Fightsticks PCB Mount.

    Open Canvas

    Edge to Edge Artwork

    From top to bottom, the BnB's all-acrylic design provides an almost literal window to any printed artwork.  The case allows your illustration to reach its very edges, as shown in the example above. In the instance of the all clear acrylic model, you can even stack two prints together at bottom, displaying one print on the outermost bottom panel, and another on the innermost panel. This immersive approach adds much variety over the simpler single-panel prints.

    Matte Texture on One Side

    The all white BnB is designed for those who love the often sleek presentation of an all white Fightstick, or white with highlights of color that can make it stand out. Gloss is reflective and sleek, though important to note that gloss is more difficult to keep clean or free of some fingerprints. Matte has little to no reflection, and is smudge and fingerprint-resistant. Please refer to the photos below for comparison between gloss and matte texture.

    BNB White Texture: Gloss BNB White Texture: Matte
    Gloss Texture Matte Texture

    Please note that the opposite side of this plexi will have a white gloss.

    Multiple Layouts Available

    Much like the AllFightSticks family of steel enclosures, you can swap the top panel layout without having to purchase a new enclosure.  You can choose the one of currently eight layouts that you desire for your kit.  Because the design is made of acrylic, it is possible to add more layouts over time.

    Vewlix All Button Shiokenstar Noir
    Vewlix All Button Shiokenstar Noir
    Korean Noir Sega 2P Extended fa-bnbv2-sega2pkorean.png WASD
    Korean Noir Sega 2P Extended Korean Sega 2P Extended  WASD

    Bit Bang Gaming Player LED Optional Front Panel Cut

    BBG player LED Display

    When attached to most Brook console controller PCBs, the Bit Bang Gaming Player LED (sold separately) gives DIY enthusiasts a visual indicator of which controller port their Fightstick occupies on most modern consoles. Additionally, the LED indicator works great with the Brook PS3/PS4/Switch Wireless Fight Board, showing both power and wireless bluetooth connectivity.  Installation is simple using the double-sided tape included with the PCB and attaching to the side panel.

    We now offer optional 3mm laser cut holes positioned for the BNB's front panel.  While available for all panels, it is best used with Black Gloss, Black Matte, White Gloss and White Matte kit and side panels. Clear panels won't necessarily require these cuts.

    Optional Side Panel Cut for BBG Player LED

    BNB Assembled Dimensions

    Here are the Width x Length x Height dimensions of an assembled BNB Fightstick:

    Side Panel Height Width Length Height
    1.5" 15" 7.875" 2.25"
    1.75" - - 2.50"
    2.0" - - 2.75"

    Effortless Build

    The BnB Fightstick is designed as approachable case for beginners. The panels are constructed of a thick .177" (4.49mm) acrylic sheet, laser cut to shape. Each of the pieces fit together easily using pre-cut spaces, plus a few screws and standoffs.  The joystick mount uses a simple set of bolts, washers and nuts to keep the lever in place.

    Included with Purchase


    Free with purchase

    Free Instant Detailer Pack with Purchase

    Included with each purchase is the Brillianize Instant Detailer Pack For Plexiglass, perfect for any touchups either after installation or future maintenance.

    Flat Packed for Safe Shipping. Flat Rate Domestic shipping  

    The BnB arrives to you flat packed in either paper or film mask, and with the bolts, standoffs, and more of the parts you need for assembly. The panels are secured in bubble wrap with the parts attached at the top of the full kit. The units are then placed into a large box centered with crushed paper around the top, edges and bottom. For assembly instructions, please click the "Videos" tab, or scroll to the "Videos" topic if viewing on a mobile device.

    BnB Fightsticks, along with any items purchased with it, can ship domestically via FedEx Ground for a flat rate of just $15.95! [More informationnew-window-icon.png


    BNB Parts Checklist

    When building your BNB the following lists can help you compile the parts needed for each layout and configuration.  

    Important: the Neutrik USB passthrough is reversible, allowing you to utilize the A/B cables we offer in options. Please review this article  for instructions on reversing the A and B ports.

    Thanks to Jonyfraze for creating this list:

    General Configuration (For All Layouts)

    • Brook PCB of Choice
    • 20-Pin wire-harness (*Recommended but is optional if you plan on manually wiring)
    • 4-Pin harness for L3, TP, R3 (*Recommended but is optional if you plan on manually wiring)
    • Neutrik USB Passthrough + 18” USB Cable (*Not needed if using a Brook PCB with included Breakout Board such as PS4+ Audio & Wireless Fighting Board)
    • Adhesive PCB Mounting Feet (*Brook PCBs can also be mounted directly to case using two #4-40 flat machine screws and nuts)
    • External 10ft USB Cable to connect to Console/PC.

    Joystick Model Specifics (Vewlix, Noir, Korean Noir)

    • Eight 30mm (action) buttons for top panel (screw-in required due to panel thickness)
    • Six 24mm (aux) buttons for side panels (screw-in required due to panel thickness)
    • Compatible Joysticks for 1.5” Side Panels: Sanwa JLF, Hori Hayabusa
    • Compatible Joysticks for 1.75” Side Panels: All above, Seimitsu LS-40 / LS-56.
    • Compatible Joysticks for 2” Side Panels: All above, Crown, Taeyoung Fanta, IST. (*Korean style levers with 35mm collar require the Korean Noir BnB Panels).
    • .187 to 5-pin Conversion Harness is needed for Korean style levers

    All-Button Model Specifics

    • One 30mm (up) button for top panel (screw-in required due to panel thickness)
    • Eleven 24mm (left, down, right, and actions) buttons for top panel (screw-in required due to panel thickness)
    • Six 24mm (aux) buttons for side panels (screw-in required due to panel thickness)
    • 5-Pin to Hitbox Conversion Harness

    WASD Model Specifics

    • Eight 30mm (action) buttons for top panel (screw-in required due to panel thickness)
    • Four 24mm (up, down, left, right) buttons for top panel.
    • Six 24mm (aux) buttons for side panels (screw-in required due to panel thickness)
    • 5-Pin to Hitbox Conversion Harness

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