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Brook PS3 PS4 Fighting Board + (PS5 via add-on/PS4/PS3/PC)


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  • Product Description

    Taiwanese company Brook - designers of the popular family of Super Converters and one of the first manufacturers whose converters managed to gain tentative acceptance by EVO - offers a cost-effective solution to PS3, PS4 and PC control.

    Brook UP5 add-on compatible with this device via firmware updatePlaystation 5 Compatibility via UP5 Add-On Board

    Brook gives players control of the latest generation Playstation consoles thanks to Brook UP5 Playstation 5 Add-On PCB. To use, be sure to update the your device to its latest firmware version.

    Full Featured at Just Under $50

    The Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus is the marriage of Brook PS3 PS4 Fighting Board + (PS4/PS3/PC) and a breakout board with connectors.  Unlike the Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio v2017 (PS4/PS3/PC), this does not come with the audio breakout board. However, the PCB retains many of the connectors and headers that are now part of the Universal Fighting Board.  At $50, it's a great price for those looking to to upgrade an older Fightstick, or create a new one without a heavy investment in the controller.

    The inclusion of JST headers instead of pin headers allow you connect our 4-Pin L3/R3/Touchpad Button Harness to this model, along with the PS4+ Fighting Board and Universal Fighting Board.

    As now common in the Brook family of PCB boards, you can utilize USB 2.0 B printer cables to connect to the board, such as the 18 Inch Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable which connects to a Neutrik NAUSB-W-B A/B USB Feed-Through, or the 10 Foot Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable.

    Feature List

    This device automatically detects PS4 and PS3 consoles when connected via USB. You can also force switching via button input when connecting to the console. Notable features include:

    • SOCD Cleaner.  This removes Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions, so controller cannot register multiple directions at the same time.
    • PS4, PS3, and PC control.
    • PS5 compatible with Brook UP5 Playstation 5 Add-On for native, no timeout PS5 control (Be sure to update to the latest firmware for this PCB).
    • Firmware upgradeable system via USB connection.  Please see "Support" tab for links to latest firmware and additional wiring information.
    • No 8 minute timeout reset needed.
    • XINPUT Mode (when applicable).
    • Tournament standard SOCD Cleaner support. There is a second SOCD mode via J15 pin connector. Use a single pin Jumper or switch to activate. Warning: Second SOCD mode is NOT tournament standard and may result in tournament ban if used in tournament. See Support Tab for schematic.
    • Screw terminal for solderless connections.
    • 20 pin (2x10) housing for future expansion or connection to other PCBA.
    • JST and pin headers available for VCC, player 1-4 LEDs, RS, DP and LS mode, touch pad, touch pad button, Turbo button, and alternative USB output connector.
    • Three connectors (J1, J1-1, J1-2 and J1-3) for USB wiring, in addition to USB-B port.
    • 96x45mm (3.77" x 1.77") dimensions. Near identical form factor and connections to Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers makes installation familiar to most joystick builders.

    What's Included

    The Brook PS4+ Fighting Board includes the PCB with headers.  The device is wrapped in a padded static-free pouch, and encased in a protective, professionally-designed box.  Software support is upcoming from Brook's website.

    If you considered replacing your existing FightStick PCBA or building a custom joystick of your own, the Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board plus is one of the most economical ways to get started.

    Tournament Acceptance

    As of now, the Brook Super Converter and Wingman series are allowed by EVO, one of the most popular global tournament events.  Often EVO's policies are adopted at smaller tournaments. This policy is a tentative acceptance - should the converter become disabled via Sony firmware update before EVO, it could face a ban.  You can learn more about it herenew-window-icon.png



    Firmware updates, plus update guide for the Fighting Board + are available via Brook's websitenew-window-icon.png

    Occasionally Sony's firmware updates have removed Brook's PS4 support.  Brook is quick to update their firmware to address it.  When you are purchasing for the first time, it is always worthwhile to check that you have the latest firmware installed for the device.

    Please note that firmware for the Universal Fighting Board is not compatible with this device. Uploading the firmware from that device into this one will cause the device to malfunction

    Connecting, SOCD Mode and Button Mapping

    PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus Pin Description

    Pin Names on J4 Header

    SOCD Mode Switch (Use Jumper to Enable Second Mode)


  • Product Reviews


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    1. I cannot give it 5-stars because of certain issues but it's definitely a good replacement PCB or custom stick PCB

      I'll be honest --
      I have mixed feelings on this PCB.
      On the one hand, when you get the Brooks board to WORK, it's a very solid piece of hardware and doesn't flake out on you.
      Until then, it's a pain in the butt to install and debug.
      The difficulty of installation depends mainly on the interior space of your joystick case and how it's laid out.
      The classic HRAP case (1-3), a modded Agetec, and the Mad Catz TE2+ all have plenty of space to accommodate a replacement PCB or add-on PCB. Other joystick cases --? Your mileage and degree of frustration will depend on how much you have to mod the joystick case to fit in a replacement PCB like the Brook fighting board.
      In the case of the Mad Catz Tournament Edition (Round 1/2) joystick, I would advise getting a converter over total PCB replacement unless your original PCB was fried or destroyed somehow. If you do need to replace the PCB of the TE Rd 1/2, then you'll be doing a LOT of internal plastic cutting (best done with saws and a scribing tool; Dremels are VERY messy and imprecise!) to make space for the Brook board or ANY replacement PCB on the market. There is simply no space under the buttons (which are the logical location for a PCB) in an unmodded/stock state and you have to cut the plastic under the buttons or at least the lower quarter-right section of the internal case (the "hole area" under the pushbuttons) to fit in the PCB. Otherwise, the button wire bundles on top of the PCB and you get into two potential problems -- 1) over time, your PCB WILL be crushed or damaged by the weight of the hardware pressing down on it, and 2) the 30mm pushbuttons (especially lower kick buttons) will fail to depress. I've had the depressing issue on my Mad Catz TE's since the first one I owned and customized. The internal space was always marginal on those Round 1 cases and I had to cinch the pushbutton cable wiring with tie cables to the inside of the TE case to keep it from bundling under the pushbuttons!
      I got an additional add-on turbo board replacement (which keeps my Turbo function and Home buttons with lock-out switch) which works perfectly with the Brooks board and I've essentially gotten a PS4-ready joystick for about half the price of a brand-new new Round 1 joystick. Now, whether that's worth it, depends on your POV. Personally, I wouldn't do what I did again but I'm glad I got it working!
      Now, as to the actual firmware upgrade of the Brooks, follow the directions Brooks gives you online and you'll be set. Once it is upgraded, your Brooks-powered joystick will perform like an XBox 360 controller on PCB but should work perfectly well with any licensed games that work with digital joysticks as well grey-market emulators like SNESx and MAME. Note that you have to reset your input/stick configuration when you switch between a Brooks joystick and Hori controller (or Cthulu-powered joystick which acts like a Hori PCB controller). On the SNESx, it was particularly annoying to reset the input configuration because there are additional setups for diagonal directions AND a box that MUST be checkmarked for XBox-licensed controllers! At least I COULD get the Brooks board to work with SNESx because I couldn't get a store-bought XBone Soul Calibur VI joystick to work on my PC.
      I tested the Brooks board on my PS3 and the only hiccup I found was that the joystick lever would NOT work with the USB port 1 but it was fully functional on port 2. Later on, I tested with another joystick (MC Cthulu-powered TE case mod 2) in USB port 1 and I didn't encounter the issue I had with the first test of the Brooks board on the PS3. On PS3, the Brooks board performs essentially identical to a regular PS3 joystick but it has only the one LED support (for Turbo) on the particular PCB set-up I have. The buttons worked like they should have and I had full Home/Return support. I have no PS4 so I can't speak to compatibility there. My main concerns are having a joystick that works on my latest console as well as PC gaming and the Brooks fulfills my needs adequately there.

      NOTE: If there is ONE THING Brook should put notice up on their website, it should be HOW to install AND secure wire on the very annoying Brook board screw terminal!
      This screw terminal does NOT work like most other screw terminals. It's basically opposite of what you'd think a "logical" operating screwboard would be. I only found out HOW the stupid screw terminal works through an online instructional mod video. Basically, you have to "lower the elevator" on the screw terminal and THEN place the wire in the "elevator." When you ratchet up the "elevator" again, it traps and secures the wire against THE TOP of the screw terminal enclosure. This is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the traditional screw terminal (like in the MC Cthulu) where the screw terminal pushes DOWN on the wire and secures it with a literal screw head against the PCB board.
      This is such an elementary thing with screw terminals that I'm sure MANY amateur modders like myself were frustrated by the Brook board. This sounds stupid and very basic in hindsight but this IS something Brook should put a notification about on their website so people don't get frustrated like I did with wires popping out of the screw terminal after closing up the joystick case OR noticing that certain signals and directionals are NOT getting registered by the PCB. You have to put in and secure the wires in the Brook screw terminal as I said or this PCB simply won't work for your fight stick!!!
      The Brook board is still a good piece of hardware but I've gotta say it has some bizarre set-up issues and I don't think it's quite plug-and-play. You really have to flash the firmware first and have your wires set in properly or you'll be wondering why the hell it's not working for you.
      on Jan 1st 2020

    2. Easy plug-ins and done!

      I've just started on modding sticks just afew weeks ago and I wasn't sure on alot of things but this was my 2nd purchase after a standard starter stick that could only be played on PC/PS3..

      After getting this and reading up the support images about the PCB here, even someone who has no knowledge was able to put everything together without any problems.
      Now that I've had a taste of changing something about my sticks, this has made me want to continue modding some more which led me to buy more parts on here and have also ordered a case.

      Thank you and thanks for my first modding experience to have no problem at all.
      on Jun 30th 2019

    3. Great board with the easiest install

      The board is similar to most others on the market but it's greatest advantage is it's software/firmware updating process. By FAR the eastiest and most up to date that i have used. Board in stick was about 10mins and the firmware update was total, about 5mins...

      Would, will..., buy again!
      on Dec 12th 2018

    4. Very easy to set up

      A nice, barebones, affordable PS4 PCB when you're on a budget and don't want to fork out the extra $ on a UFB when you only have a PS4 and PC compatibility is nice as well. on Nov 27th 2018

    5. zero problems

      Did my first arcade stick build with this board. Playing SFV on PC with it. Started to work without any problems and I am extremely happy with it. on Sep 28th 2018

    6. Order this NOW! The only way to understand.

      Packaged Perfectly! Came fast! PLUG & PLAY.
      The Product is GREAT!

      A Happy Customer that's about to order more from FOCUS ATTACK! I'M DASHING NO CANCEL!
      on Sep 8th 2018

    7. Ready For Locals!

      Went right into my Mayflash F500 no issue at all and worked straight away. I had to do minimal soldering to make the share and Playstation buttons work up top, but the board is super easy. Literally just plug in and go. Don't have to use an adapter to play on PS4 for anymore and get the best frame rate possible :-D.
      on Sep 1st 2018

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