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Brook Super Converter: Playstation 2 to PS3/PS4 Adapter

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    NOTE: It is recommended that you confirm that the latest firmware is installed on your device by visiting the Brook Device Support page, downloading the firmware update app, and following instructions in the manual. new-window-icon.png Links to Brook device firmware update information and instructions are available in the Support tab.

    The Brook Super Converter is a USB-based adapter designed to convert your Playstation 2 peripheral for use in the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 console, or Windows PC. It does this without requiring authorization from an original gamepad.  This unprecedented advancement makes the Brook Super Converter the most portable adapter on the market today.

    Full-Featured, Firmware Upgradeable

    The Brooks Super Converter has several convenient features to improve the control experience.

    • Accepts FightSticks, wired Playstation 2 gamepads, and steering wheels amongst other original and 3rd party PS2 compatible peripherals.
    • Emulates PS4 touchpad button press by using L3 and R3 on the PS2 controller; Dedicated center button to emulate the PS3 or PS4 Home button.
    • Supports mapping a single or combination of buttons to a Turbo function for rapid fire play.
    • Ability to hot-swap peripherals without unplugging the device from the console.
    • Vibration support when used on PS3 or PS4 console.

    In addition, the Brook Super Converter is firmware upgradeable, which can be used to improve functionality, and add new features.  Firmware updates are performed by attaching your device to a Windows PC, or Mac with Boot Camp partition or Parallels Virtual PC software. 

    Tournament Acceptance

    As of now, the Brook Super Converter and Wingman series are allowed by EVO, one of the most popular global tournament events.  Often EVO's policies are adopted at smaller tournaments. This policy is a tentative acceptance - should the converter become disabled via Sony firmware update before EVO, it could face a ban.  You can learn more about it herenew-window-icon.png

    What's Included

    The Brook Super Converter comes in its own professionally designed box.  In the box is the device; paper instructions are also included in English and Taiwanese.  You can also download the instructions as a PDF from the Support tab.



    Please click here to access Brook's latest firmware for this device plus instructions to update the firmware. new-window-icon.png

    Instructions and Brook Device FAQ


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    1. great. but fightcade doesnt seem to work

      works good on sfv for pc and ps5. but cant seem to get it to work on fightcade, for the older titles. also, it isnt very clear what the mapping switch does exactly. ive read every instruction and post on the internet i could find. and still am not sure how to utilize that function. on Jan 1st 2023

    2. Perfect for PSX enthusiasts!

      Owning different PSX adapters over time, this adapter by Brooks is the best modern choice adapter for your PS3/4 or PC needs. No lag whatsoever, works on OG digital PSX controllers, dual analog controllers, dualshock 1 & 2.

      Does what it needs for me.
      on Aug 28th 2022

    3. Flawless for all applications!

      Had a little trouble at first because I didn't realize YOU NEED TO SET STEAM UP AS HAVING A CUSTOM CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION. It worked flawlessly after that. Allows me to use my Namco Joy Stick and other host of PlayStation 1&2 controllers on my PC - I have quite a few but only tested Namco Joy Stick, HORI Compact Joy Stick, and a DualShock 2 controller. It also works seamlessly with my PS3, no configuration needed.

      I couldn't get my analog sticks to work on PC with the DualShock 2, but maybe there is more configuration needed.

      Generally, awesome product.
      on Sep 24th 2020

    4. Perfect for PS1 SCPH-1010 Controller fans!

      Once you update the firmware it works flawlessly. No noticeable input lag. It also works on PC too! on Jan 2nd 2019

    5. It works!

      Of course I went into this purchase with my expectations low, as most people should do,
      BUT this worked like a charm, and I'm extremely happy about it! I use this a lot with my computer and my friend's PS4 in order to play Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Fighterz, and Street Fighter V. I don't feel any lag, but if there is it hasn't failed me yet.
      on Oct 8th 2018

    6. Works pretty good

      When using it on a PS4, it works flawlessly. I plug it in, hit the button on the adapter, and I am good to go. Even won my first tourney since getting it. Sure, it was just a sixteen-man, single-elim side tourney at an anime con but a win's a win. Using it on a PC, however, took a bit more finagling. That may be the fault of Steam, however, as I had to go into Steam's controller options and set it up. After that, it worked just fine. If there's input lag (and there probably is, considering), it's negligible. I can't speak to how well the turbo function works as I've never really bothered trying it out.

      Overall, it's a pretty good converter. Works for me. Probably will work for you.
      on Sep 3rd 2018

    7. Super excited!

      I was contemplating buying a new ps4 controller but i had 4 ps2 dual shocks around. Saved money and i am happy with the product. on Feb 13th 2018

    8. PS2 to PS3/PS4 Converter

      Extremely happy with my purchase! Came fast and ahead of schedule. I've had StreetFighter 15th anniversary joysticks put away for quite some time now. Finally I am able to bring them back out. Thanks FA on May 15th 2017

    9. Perfect Converter

      The converter works great in Tekken. It will make it possible to play T7 on PS4 with a good Pad. Fantastic!!! on Dec 7th 2016

    10. Excellent product

      Converter works great, firmware is easy to update to make it tournament legal through brooks website. And as always fast shipping and excellent service from on Jun 24th 2016

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    【Brook Super Converter】 PS2 to PS3/PS4

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