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Brook X One/PS4/Switch/PC Adapter and Rechargeable Battery - Black

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    Ships Within USA Only

    Due to the XOne's lithium battery, we are currently shipping this device only within the United States.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Brook - developers of this generation of coveted console adapters and converter PCBs, launched a Kickstarter to gauge the interest of a unique device for the Xbox One.  The adapter promised a recharging battery - something that is notably absent from Microsoft's latest console.  However, this device went further, adding Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch compatibility, wireless control, turbo and remappable buttons and firmware-updatable features.  Introducing the X One Adapter.

    Recharge While You Play

    Microsoft's Xbox One controllers lack a often requested feature - a rechargeable battery.  The X One remedies this with a lithium battery, providing several hours of continuous wireless play-time.  Additionally, you can connect the included wired micro USB cable to the console, recharging the battery pack during play.  A LED indicator turns blue when fully charged.

    Compatible with Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (XID)

    One of the X One's standout features is its versatility across multiple consoles. On Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, you can play wirelessly, plus enjoy motion control.  Xbox One headset users can connect to PS4 when PS4 mode is activated.  Finally, PC players can utilize XInput to register as a wired Xbox 360 controller, which is compatible with most games.

    Turbo, Button Remap and Touchpad Control

    Common with Brook devices is the ability to add Turbo features to each button, or trigger plus remap both direction, buttons and triggers.  Additionally, you can emulate the Playstation 4 touchpad and touchpad button using a special combination of button and right analog stick.  Instructions on how to use these features are available in the "Support Tab", or click here if you are browsing on a mobile device. 

    XOne Adapter promotion and feature iist


    Firmware and Manual

    It is recommended that before using any firmware updateable product, please download any recent firmware files and update your device.  Firmware updates for the XOne are found on Brook's website.

    Download Firmware Update new-window-icon.png

    English version of the paper manual is available below.  Click here to download the full manual in multiple languages (PDF).

    Xbox One/PC Wired Mode

    The latest firmware update (as of June 10, 2018) allows players to use the XOne adapter in "Wired Mode" on Xbox One or PC.  To use Wired Mode:

    1. Please update new-window-icon.png via V1.4 firmware from Brook
    2. Hold View+RB to set XBOX One wired mode
    3. Plug a USB cable with XBOX One or PC
    4. Set Remapping on paddles button


    XOne Manual (English)


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    1. The Most Feature-Filled and Disappointing Brook Accessory Yet

      - Allows you to connect to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC

      - Battery is sub-par
      - Getting the adapter on is a royal pain/near impossible
      - Switching between modes isn't as easy as it could be
      - You have to re-pair your connection to your Switch every time you switch to a different mode. I don't know if this applies to the PS4, but I wouldn't be surprised.
      - No wired Xbox One support.
      - No wireless PC support.
      - You have to connect to the Xbox One you want to pair to before the adapter is put on, meaning you have to take the adapter off and on EVERY time you want to pair it to a different Xbox One. This is super frustrating.

      Do yourself a favor and just buy an adapter that allows you to use the Switch and PS4. This low-quality adapter belongs in the realm of Titan and CronusMax.
      on Feb 22nd 2019

    2. Works exactly how it was advertised

      Very happy with my purchase! 100% satisfied! on Dec 25th 2018

    3. Not as impressed

      In comparison to Brook's other accessories, this one isn't as amazing. With other adapters, their setup is as easy as plug-n-play. This, however, is not. Placing the adapter on the controller isn't as obvious as it seems; you have to apply a small amount of pressure against the back of the battery to make it slide into the controller without any issues. Pairing with a console isn't a straight-forward process and switching between consoles is not as easy as moving a switch. I've had to reset it a few times when it wouldn't turn on or switch consoles. In comparison to Brook's other accessories, this one fails to create a smooth and fully functional experience. Anything I didn't mention works well, although I haven't tried the turbo or remapping functions. on Oct 31st 2018

    4. Works great

      Using mine to play PS4 with an Xbox One controller. Works great. The instructions are still a little confusing, but I didn't actually have to configure it yet because it comes configured for ps4. The built-in rechargeable battery life is good, but not quite as good as using standalone batteries without the adapter. Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how well it seamlessly works. on Sep 16th 2018

    5. Love it!

      I've been wanting to use an Xbox controller with my PS4 ever since I bought it. Now I can! The PS4 controllers hurt my thumbs, and that may be due to me playing a lot of 360 in the past.

      What I love is that I can use my own Xbox controller and not use some 3rd party controller that may not feel right, or the buttons not work as well, or not have a headphone jack in it. I can use my own controller and play it on the PS4. This stuff is legit.
      on Sep 5th 2018

    6. Love It!

      I picked this up a few months back now and absolutely love the product. It does exactly what you'd expect with no fuss. It just simply works. I've been loving my PS4 again as I have no wires on my controller anymore! on Jun 25th 2018

    7. Works as described...

      Works as described. Couldn't believe it until I tried it. Went through an entire play through of Horizon Zero Dawn on my PS4 without a hiccup. I use this with the Xbox Elite controller. Zero lag, zero issues. The battery lasts as long if not longer than a standard PS4 controller, which is fine.
      on May 31st 2018

    8. Flawlessly

      Incredible piece of hardware wow. on May 21st 2018

    9. Best device you'll buy if you own ps4 and xbox

      This is a must have, especially if you own an xbox elite controller. Changing back and forth between consoles couldn't be easier. I absolutely love my brook x one adaptor. on Mar 30th 2018

    10. Great Product

      Works perfectly. Battery could be better. on Mar 29th 2018

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    Brook X One Adapter | Xbox One wireless adapter & Charging battery

    X One Adapter is perfect Combine to Xbox One & Xbox One Elite Controller, easy to plug in. X One Adapter will allow the Xbox One controller to connect to the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Switch. Kickstarter : 1. Support Switch, PS4, PC (XID) You can use Xbox One controller to play games on PS4, Swtich and PC (XID) 2. Wireless control You can play PS4 and Switch with Xbox one controller wirelessly. 3. Support motion control(for PS4/SW) 4. Audio function Use your headset on Xbox One controller. (for PS4) Use your headset on Xbox One controller. (for PS4) 5. Support turbo and remap Setting the button configuration by yourself. 6. Chargeable battery You can play Xbox One controller when you are charging the battery. 7. Emulate PS4 touchpad via combo keys. (for PS4)