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Buttercade Sanwa JLF / Sanjuks V3 / Otto V5 Stainless Steel Pivot


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    A joystick lever pivot is just a pivot...until it isn't. Pivots represents one of the most popular replacement parts we offer, with many customers buying several at a time under the concern that they will wear out under heavy play. Buttercade Stainless Steel pivot offers one of the smoothest and maintenance-free pivots for Sanwa JLF lever, Sanjuks V3 lever and Otto DIY V5 Upgrade Kit

    Maintenance Free

    Made from stainless steel and polished to a reflective finish, these pivots require little maintenance other than a dab of Shinetsu silicone grease for your Sanwa JLF or Sanjuk V3 lever. You can purchase a dab of this grease here in this listing for just 45 cents - a little goes a long way. It is designed to heavily resist wear and tear unlike delrin pivots, and move as smoothly as possible.

    No Silicone Grease Needed For Otto DIY V5 Upgrade Kit

    Each major plastic component of the OTTO DIY V5 Upgrade Kit for Sanwa JLF and Hori Hayabusa is made from Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. It is commonly known as Teflon®. Not only does this material give the kit components their unique color, but significantly reduces friction on components that must interact with each other. If you plan to use the Buttercade Stainless Steel Pivot on the V5 Kit, you do not need to use any silicone grease. In fact it is highly discouraged as grease will hinder it. Have a look at how frictionless the stainless steel pivot is inside of the Otto DIY V5 pivot mount. 


    • Zero maintenance
    • Incredibly Smooth operation
    • Able to feel switch activation in balltop
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    1. Perfection

      So smooth it glides on Mar 27th 2022

    2. Living the high life

      Really cool innovation that I never thought knew I needed. I instantly noticed the difference. It won't help your execution but it simply feels great. I've put them in all my V5's on Jan 16th 2022

    3. A must for heavy execution based players

      Unlike most people here, I play Tetris The Grandmaster mostly, but I did play characters that required heavy execution on the stick like C.Viper in SF4 and what not. Basically within a few months of using a stock pivot, I completely wore the grease out and started damaging the pivot and the housing from playing TGM because of how demanding the game is on stick movement. I didn't want to buy new pivots or grease everytime something went wrong so I'm glad I went with this and so far, it's been working great. Even with no grease on a stock sanwa, it works much better than the stock pivot and no grease. Maybe it's even playable for some people. Anyway, I would recommend this if you play execution demanding games. on Oct 20th 2021

    4. Buttercade is the best

      Every v3 I have.. has a steel pivot best quality pivot on Oct 17th 2021

    5. Buttery Smooth

      Installed this with the Otto V5 JLF mod and the difference is immediately noticeable. Extremely smooth, and if you're using the Otto V5 JLF mod, there's no need to maintain it with grease. It's a really inexpensive way to significantly improve the feel of your JLF stick. on Sep 23rd 2021

    6. DO EET

      Easy install on my JLF with PhreakMods exLink 2 shaft. It did feel a bit heavier for a sec, but it definitely felt smoother than the standard JLF pivot after hitting it with a dab of grease and messing with the stick for a minute to get it situated. Knowing I don't have to worry about buying another pivot kind of made it a no brainer. A great investment on Aug 2nd 2021

    7. why not?

      Heavy duty, it looks cool even if you can’t always see it, and you’ll only need one per stick, forever ever? Sold!

      It’s a little more snug than the JLF or OttoDIY pivots, but I was able to fit it on the JLF and the PhreakMods exLink 2 shafts easily enough; a little stick grease helped too.

      It’s extremely smooth with no grease and the Otto kit and the stock JLF when greased.
      IIRC: The JLF has a gap to catch extra grease so it doesn’t make it worse if you use too much, the OttoDIY doesn’t? It’s crazy smooth though.

      It does have a little weight to it, but it’s not noticeable since it’s so smooth.

      In case I didn’t mention it - it’s pretty smoooooth... smooth! That word has lost all meaning for me now.
      on Jun 16th 2021

  • Product Videos

    • Buttercade Stainless Steel pivot Installed in OTTO V5
      Available at FA: Buttercade Stainless Steel pivot offers one o...

    Buttercade Stainless Steel pivot Installed in OTTO V5

    Available at FA: Buttercade Stainless Steel pivot offers one of the smoothest and maintenance free pivots for Sanwa JLF lever, Sanjuks V3 lever and Otto DIY V5 Upgrade Kit. Otto V5's teflon coated base with steel pivot creates an almost hypnotic visual when swooshed around. It's that smooth and friction free. Get yours: (Credit to Buttercade on Twitter for the original post -
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