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Crown CWL 303MJ Crazy Dongpal Joystick


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  • Product Description

    The Crazy Dongpal lever is a coveted variation of Samducksa's 303 series, with a low profile collar, 35 Shore A tension grommet with DX core, actuator with narrow diagonals and slightly shorter shaft with removable battop. 

    Who is Crazydongpal?

    Crazydongpal profileCrazydongpal is a notable Tekken player known for his long-string, incredibly damaging combos.  His command of Mishima family characters sets him far apart in the Tekken scene.  He is also known for modding his own Korean levers, with tweaks to existing bodies such as the 303 to suit his playstyle.  Samducksa sought his consultation to build the CWL-303-MJ-DX.

    Check the "Videos" section to see Dongpal in action, along with tests of the 303-MJ-DX Dongpal lever

    Low Profile Collar, Shaft with Removable Battop

    Much like the FK and FJ models, the CWL-303MJ-DX Dongpal uses a Sanwa compatible mounting plate to ensure installation in popular Japanese style Fightsticks such as the Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ PS4/PS3/PC or Qanba Obsidian PS3/PS4/PC Fightstick. The MJ series incorporates a 6mm low-profile collar, allowing you to install the lever into Japanese style Fightsticks or cabinets (which often come with s-plate mount points), yet it maintains much of the accuracy and feel that came with use of the high collar.

    In addition, the shaft consists of a removable battop. This departure from the standard Samducksa lever started with the Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S Joystick Lever and has increasingly found its way into other specialized Samducksa models.  It is compatible with Sanwa 6mm threading, allowing you to attach Sanwa and 3rd party compatible Battop Handles and Balltop Handles.

    Parts included: base with low profile collar, battop of choice, actuator, dustwasher, and e-clip

    ST-35 Blue Silicone with DX Core, GSM-V1623A3 Microswitch

    ST-35 Medium Tension Rubber Grommet for CWL-300-DX series LeverThe ST variant uses a blue silicone rubber tension system with a shore A rating of 35. Many consider this the "goldilocks" of tensions for Korean grommets, offering a suitable elasticity to easily reach diagonals, while satisfyingly returning to neutral without much wobble.  3D based games such as Tekken in which wavedashing and consistent movement is required the 35 short grommet provides smooth, corner-less control for QCB, QCF (quarter-circle back/forward) HCB, HBC (half-circle back/forward) and full 360 motions.

    The grommet surrounds a 303/307/309 variation of the DX core first introduced in products such as the Samducksa SDL-301-DX and the updated Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S Joystick Lever (2018 Model). To note, the 301DX and 303/307/309 DX cores are not compatible.

    The Crazy Dongpal lever currently uses a Gersung GSM-V1623A3 .187" Microswitch, highly regarded for its sensitivity and improved diagonals over the GSM-V1623A2.

    Tested Compatibility with Fightsticks

    The Crazy Dongpal lever dimensions are 95x83x118mm. Its fit is similar to the Crown 303-FK.  We will add to this list as we perform fit tests with other models in our possession. 

    • Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa (includes RAP 4 Kai, RAP 3-SA/SX as it uses similar housing)
    • Hori RAP N
    • Hori Edge (original and 2017 model)
    • Hori VLX (all models)
    • Razer Panthera (not Panthera EVO)
    • MadCatz TE2+ (also compatible with original MCZ TE2 models)
    • Qanba Q1 CUT
    • Qanba Obsidian
    • Nacon Daija
    • Joytron EX Revolution V2



    If you are coming from a Sanwa JLF or other Japanese style lever, some worthwhile notes to keep in mind

    Round Type: No Gates

    Korean sticks do not possess any restrictor gate.  Instead it moves freely in a circular fashion.  There are no restrictor gates that are compatible with this lever.

    General: Korean Levers do not commonly possess a restrictor plate

    Tension via Rubber Grommet, Not Metal Spring

    Additionally, there is no tension spring. Instead most Korean levers use a rubber grommet placed in the housing.  This surrounds the shaft, and a plastic or delrin bobbin keeps shaft in place.

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  • Product Videos

    • Korea Samducksa 303 CRAZY DONGPAL TEST LEVER 크동레버
      303 크레이지 동팔 레버 테스트 버전 입니다.
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    Korea Samducksa 303 CRAZY DONGPAL TEST LEVER 크동레버

    303 크레이지 동팔 레버 테스트 버전 입니다.
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