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Crown CWL-309MJ-BENYLIS-ST35 Joystick

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    Important Note

    Partial assembly is required; install joystick lever through body, push actuator into bottom of lever stem, and push up against the internal spring to connect the e-clip.  Use needle nose-pliers to fasten the e-clip to the bottom of the joystick lever, pushing it into the lever's bottom groove.

    The latest addition to the popular Crown/Samducksa 309 MJ family comes from Korean joystick modder Benylisnew-window-icon.png This iteration of the 309 includes an alternative to the well-known Gersung brand microswitch, switch stability using metal plates, a Samducksa 303 series actuator, and - most noticeable from a glance, two bright new colors.

    Benylis disassembly: Full display

    Benylis disassembly: microswitch

    Low Profile Collar

    Crown has released several Korean style models within the 300 numbered series, such as the 303-FK, CWL-307-FJ, and now the 309MJ. Much like the FK and FJ models, the 309MJ ensures installation in popular Japanese style Fightsticks such as the Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ PS4/PS3/PC or Qanba Obsidian PS3/PS4/PC Fightstick. The 309MJ series incorporates a 6mm low-profile collar, allowing you to install the lever into Japanese style Fightsticks or cabinets (which often come with s-plate mount points), yet it maintains much of the accuracy and feel that came with use of the high collar.

    ST-35 Blue Silicone with DX Core

    The ST variant uses a blue silicone rubber tension system with a shore A rating of 35. Many consider this the "goldilocks" of tensions for Korean grommets, offering a suitable elasticity to easily reach diagonals, while satisfyingly returning to neutral without much wobble.  3D based games such as Tekken in which wavedashing and consistent movement is required the 35 short grommet provides smooth, corner-less control for QCB, QCF (quarter-circle back/forward) HCB, HBC (half-circle back/forward) and full 360 motions.

    The grommet surrounds a 303/307/309 variation of the DX core first introduced in products such as the Samducksa SDL-301-DX and the updated Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S Joystick Lever (2018 Model). To note, the 301DX and 303/307/309 DX cores are not compatible.

    Something Different: Starion SZM-V16-2FA-83 Microswitches

    Starion SZM-V16-2FA-83 microswitchA departure from the common Gersung GSM-V1623A2 or popular GSM-V1623A3 microswitch is Benylis' preference to the Starion SZM-V16-2FA-83 hinge-lever microswitch.  Enthusiasts within the Korean lever community say that it possesses similar overall characteristics of the A3 and actuation features of the Omron V microswitch, though more economically priced than either model.  If we look at the estimated specs of the Omron V model:

    • Operation force max: 1.23N (125gf)
    • Pre-travel max: 4.0mm
    • Movement differential max: 1.5mm
    • Over-travel min: 1.6mm
    • Operation point: 15.2mm ± 1.2mm
    • Release force max: 0.14N (14.3gf)

    Let's also look at the specs of the Gersung A3

    • Operation force max: rough estimated 1.76N (~180gf)
    • Pre-travel max: 4.0mm
    • Movement differential max: 1.5mm
    • Over-travel min: 1.6mm
    • Operation point: 15.2mm ± 1.2mm

    The Starion provides an approximate ~180gf feel or (300gf for the pin plunger model). The Omron family does not possess a 180gf equivalent microswitch.

    Thanks to Discord's ディープ・スロート for further information regarding Omron V and Starion differences.

    Bright Yellow, Marine Blue

    Benylis 309MJ Color: Bright Yellow Benylis 309MJ Color: Marine Blue Crown 303, 307, 309 Battop: Purple Crown 303, 307, 309 Battop: Red Crown 303, 307, 309 Battop: Black Crown 303, 307, 309 Battop: White 

    Two new colors - Yellow and Blue - provide refreshing additions to the 303, 307 and 309 compatible shaft lineup.  You can pre-order these two colors with the purchase of the Benylis, include another color from the existing line, or should you already possess a compatible shaft, save $3.75 by choosing no shaft with your purchase. These colors also work well with the 201 Futaba series and 202 MX series.

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    1. Feels good

      Have always wanted to try a Korean lever since I've only ever used a JLf

      I was expecting more resistance from the 35A so I got a 30A replacement grommet incase it was a bit much but now I'm regretting not getting a 45A instead. The stick is tense but not THAT tense and I think my JLF felt tighter to me(4lb spring+1mm actuator), but it wasn't a bad experience and still felt comfortable to use. Not a fan of the single piece shaft+top, rather be able to switch out shafts and tops individually. Had no issues installing into my case either(RAPN).

      I Honestly don't really know how to best describe the difference between this and a JLF. If I had gotten a higher tension grommet I think I would be liking it much more but the overall articulation of the K joystick feels smoother than the JLF.

      This is, like most things, a matter of personal preference and worth trying out if interested.
      on Nov 20th 2020

    2. Great stick over but actuator was to tall..

      The stick feels amazing but for the life of me it would not let me place the e clip into it the slot because the actuator was to big. Had to dremel it down a bit. on Oct 13th 2020

    3. Excelent

      I bought and i change the st35 to st25 i feel better.
      I am tekken player, the crown series for me is the best compared with sanwa.
      I removed the sanwa for the crown benylis and my game rise.
      I am from Argentina thanks Focus Attack
      on Jun 28th 2020

    4. Worth it

      I bought this lever and received it within a week. I really love playing with it. However, its tightness is not great for long periods of play, especially if you have work before playing. on May 21st 2020

    5. Supreme Tension - Not for me

      I can respect that there's a vision here in this design, and I assume they achieved their goal: supreme tension.

      This is one tight stick.

      Ultimately it's not for me. It's so tense I feel like I have to arm wrestle my stick to make it respond. It's too much strain on my wrist.

      I want a stick that will work with me, not against me. A little tactile feedback is good, but this is over the top.

      Maybe that's for you, but I'm much happier with my New Helpme.
      on May 11th 2020

    6. Weird but good

      For some reason using a 35 tension grommet on this lever feels like using a 45 on a 309mj. And thats a good thing. Youll get more options on tuning the right setup. on Jan 1st 2020

    7. Best of both worlds

      If you like the feel of K levers but want to use balltops this is a musy have on Dec 23rd 2019

    8. Try a Korean once in your life.

      my previous experience with joysticks has mostly only been Sanwa JLF's with bat tops and 2lb springs. I always wanted to mess with a Korean lever and i finally pulled the trigger. Since there's no spring involved there's no vertical tension on the actuator which makes installing the shaft and e clip infinitely easier than a Japanese stick, especially when you get into higher tension springs. Crown's bat tops are very attractive and being moulded onto the shaft can't come unscrewed and loose on you. The stick feels great in 2d and 3d games. I barely missed the Square gate, even with the smooth circle i still found every direction and corner without issue. The increased tension the further from center you go and the rubberband snapback of the stick is a great feeling. I still like my Japanese sticks but this ones so much fun to handle. If you can, give a Korean lever a try at least once in your life. going Korean won't make you a magical Tekken God overnight, but having one is a different experience, and a fun one. on Dec 22nd 2019

    9. Awesome lever

      If you want to try a Korean lever just get this and don't look back.
      on Dec 16th 2019

    10. This was interesting

      This is definitely a good alternative to the 309mj. It feels different from the 303. Best part is the ability to use JLF parts on it due to the actuator. on Dec 13th 2019

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