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Crown/Samducksa SDB-201 30mm Screwbutton Marine Blue

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    Samducksa, more commonly known as Crown in Western territories, has a long history of respectable South Korean joystick levers and pushbuttons specific to that region's arcades.  Over time, Samducksa has increasingly embraced the Fighting game market, which is currently dominated by Japanese import peripherals.  Their latest efforts in the 303, 307 and 309 series of joysticks factored the Japanese style Fightstick in its design, enabling installation into the more-common hardware.

    The SDB-201 aims to offer that same compatibility to the pushbutton, resulting in a high-quality pushbutton that offers a solid, satisfying feel when depressed.  

    Screwbutton Style. LED compatible

    This SDB-201 button is a 30mm screw-in arcade button, complete with a screw ring. The slim screw ring is a great design: it's only as thick as the rim - enough to ensure installs in tight spaces are not hindered by the ring itself. The plunger of the Samducksa SDB-201 button is slightly higher than the button rim; offering a forgiving amount of travel for those who press harder.  Button tension is that of Seimitsu, offering just a bit more tension than the feather-light Sanwa. The SDB-201 feels very durable, able to withstand a beating.  

    Below the buttons are two holes that allow for installation of simple LED lighting - something that is not present on any of Sanwa or Seimisu's offerings, and not a feature you would expect for solid color buttons.  That said, for anyone that prefers to mix-and-match, can find that LED lighting may be perfect for diffused colors that either shine through the housing, or just below the plunger and cap.

    Japanese Futaba Microswitch Rated Five Million Presses 

    Inside each SDB-201 button features a Japanese Futaba microswitch with .110 terminal. Futaba has a high durability rating that compares to the venerable Sanwa OBS-RG series microswitch - the OMRON B2R-G1.  Here is a comparison to other microswitches by Sanwa and Seimitsu 

    • Futaba: 5 million times
    • Seimitsu MM9-4 or MM9-3: 2 million times
    • Sanwa SW-68: 1 million times

    Mix and Match between SDB201 and SDB-201C pushbutton plunger and rim.Bright, Vibrant Color Choices. Mix and Match Plunger and Rim

    Samducksa color choices for SDB-201 are hardly an accident: The solid color buttons are available in a healthy choice of vibrant solid colors including blue, dark blue, green, black, grey, orange, pink, red, violet, white and yellow. These colors closely match Sanwa's offerings, ensuring a good opportunity to mix and match peripherals while adhering a traditional Sanwa color scheme.

    An additional feature is the ability to mix and match between the translucent SDB-201C series and solid color SDB-201, providing dozens of combinations for your own customization.

    Clear Ring Supplier Exclusive

    Crown released the SDB-201 with a black screw ring for each of its solid color models.  We felt that this was aesthetically off-putting and suggested that they instead come with a clear ring.  Thankfully our supplier was able to convince Crown to offer this clear ring variant for them.  I think you'll agree that the clear ring is a better alternative, especially if you plan to display the buttons under a clear bottom panel. 

    Overall, Samducksa's SDB-201 provides a solid alternative to Sanwa and Seimitsu's offerings, and a staple solution for fans of K-Sticks.

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    1. This is a good button.

      This button will push back on you on return, it has a pretty strong spring.
      They can tire you out because of this, it's their only flaw, these feel GREAT to push and listen to with a nice clack sound.

      I would rank this button under buttons like the gamerfinger ones that are using cherry blue\green or gateron blue\green switches which have less pushback so you don't get tired fingers, but these are still far far superior to the mushy SANWA buttons most pre-built sticks come with. Plus if you want to save a little cash, and the gamerfinger buttons are out of your reach these make a great second choice.
      on Oct 13th 2018

    2. Great super clicky, easy to press

      These are exactly as pictured above, they fit on 1/2 wood, If you needed to install on 3/4 you would probably have to shave off a 1/4 so keep that in mind.
      The downside is that these are the same price as other buttons with the clear top, which means you cant insert a decal, that is my biggest con. Im using these with the Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB, there is no lag its great.
      on Jan 21st 2018

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