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Crown/Samducksa SDB-201C 30mm Translucent Screwbutton Blue

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    Samducksa, more commonly known as Crown in Western territories, has a long history of respectable South Korean joystick levers and pushbuttons specific to that region's arcades.  Over time, Samducksa has increasingly embraced the Fighting game market, which is currently dominated by Japanese import peripherals.  Their latest efforts in the 303, 307 and 309 series of joysticks factored the Japanese style Fightstick in its design, enabling installation into the more-common hardware.

    The SDB-201C aims to offer that same compatibility to the pushbutton, resulting in a high-quality pushbutton that offers a solid, satisfying feel when depressed.  

    Translucent and LED Ready

    The 201-C features a translucent housing and plunger design similar to the Seimitsu PS-14-K and KN series of pushbuttons.  Below the buttons are two holes that allow for installation of simple LED lighting - something that is not present on any of Sanwa or Seimisu's offerings.  Much like Sanwa's OBSC and Seimitsu's PS-14-k/KN, the button cap is removable, allowing you to insert Fightstick button artwork into them. This is great for customization.

    Screwbutton Style

    This SDB-201 button is a 30mm screw-in arcade button, complete with a screw ring. The slim screw ring is a great design: it's only as thick as the rim - enough to ensure installs in tight spaces are not hindered by the ring itself. The plunger of the Samducksa SDB-201 button is slightly higher than the button rim; offering a forgiving amount of travel for those who press harder.  Button tension is that of Seimitsu, offering just a bit more tension than the feather-light Sanwa. The SDB-201 feels very durable, able to withstand a beating.

    Japanese Futaba Microswitch Rated Five Million Presses 

    Inside each SDB-201 button features a Japanese Futaba microswitch with .110 terminal. Futaba has a high durability rating that compares to the venerable Sanwa OBS-RG series microswitch - the OMRON B2R-G1.  Here is a comparison to other microswitches by Sanwa and Seimitsu 

    • Futaba: 5 million times
    • Seimitsu MM9-4 or MM9-3: 2 million times
    • Sanwa SW-68: 1 million times

    Mix and Match between SDB201 and SDB-201C pushbutton plunger and rim.Bright, Vibrant Color Choices. Mix and Match Plunger and Rim

    Samducksa color choices for SDB-201C are hardly an accident: The translucent buttons are available in a healthy choice of vibrant colors including blue, clear, green, orange, pink, purple, red, smoke and yellow. These colors closely match Sanwa and Seimitsu offerings, ensuring a good opportunity to mix and match peripherals. That said, Crown also developed a more cohesive color match for yellow and green, among other translucent colors that don't seem to represent as well by Sanwa or Seimitsu.

    An additional feature is the ability to mix and match between the translucent SDB-201C series and solid color SDB-201, providing dozens of combinations for your own customization.

    Overall, Samducksa's SDB-201 and translucent 201C pushbutton provide solid alternatives to Sanwa and Seimitsu's offerings, and a staple solution for fans of K-Sticks.


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    1. Fantastic!

      These buttons are almost unreal; the feeling really is something else and are what I had hoped to get out of another certain brand . Definetly investing in a set of diffrent colors for upgrading other sticks in the future. on Aug 14th 2019

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