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Crown SDL-301-DX-S Translucent Battop Replacement: Green

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    The SDL-301-DX-S Translucent Battop Replacement is a drop in replacement for the Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S Joystick Lever (2018 Model).  This replacement includes the battop, shaft cover and shaft.  Not included is the e-clip.

    Shorter Shaft for Better Clearance

    In 2017, the SDL-301-DX debuted with a low profile collar, similar to the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 Joystick. While this and its Japan-friendly mounting plate indeed allowed the Korean lever to fit in a number of Japanese-style enclosures, its shaft height still posed challenges to lower profile Fightsticks. Often the shaft would scrape against the inner housing, which affected play.

    The recent 2018 model aims to address this issue by reducing the shaft height by 2.3 millimeters from the bottom. The actuator is also .95 millimeters shorter. This places the shaft further into the housing, which should provide better clearance for lower profile Fightstick enclosures. As always, it is helpful to check specifications to ensure proper fit in your specific model. Spec illustrations are available for review below the comparison chart and in the photo gallery.

    Original Short Difference
    Actuator height (in millimeters) 22.30 21.35 0.95
    Shaft (in millimeters) 88.90 86.60 2.30
    Bottom part of shaft (in millimeters) 36.55 34.30 2.25
    SDL-301-DX 2017 and 2018 shaft height comparison SDL-301-DX 2017 and 2018 assembled model comparison 
    SDL-301-DX-2017 and 2018 shaft height comparison SDL-301-DX 2017 and 2018 assembled model comparison

    Removable Battop

     The SDL-301-DX shaft replacement features a removable battop design, allowing for interchangeability with other battops - a first for Crown/Samducksa.  You can utilize Sanwa compatible battops for customization.

    Important Note

    If you are already purchasing the SDL-301 lever, you do not need to purchase this separately.  Additionally, from our tests, we found that ball tops are not compatible; among other factors, the included shaft cover does not extend all the way to the balltop.  This shaft is not compatible with the Crown 303, and we cannot recommend installation into the 309 MJ or Helpme at this time.

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    1. looks good feels great

      it has a solid grip I love it on Dec 6th 2017

    2. Looks really cool

      Has a really nice translucent feel to it but with the right amount of color in it. Feels good in your hand and not slippery at all even if it does look like it. Also, there is no other top with a color like that. I'm more than pleased. on Oct 30th 2017

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