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Daigo the Beast: Umehara Fighting Gamers! Volume 1

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    Daigo Umehara - one of the most dominant and recognizable fighting game champions in the world - pioneered pro gaming in Japan. His aggressive style masked by an ever-cool demeanor and incredible opponent reads brought fans and pros of the game and the community to respect his moniker, "The Beast".  Now for the first time, North American readers can enjoy the adventures that led Daigo to the top of the fighting game tier for over a decade. 

    Learn how the player became the legend 

    DAIGO THE BEAST manga takes you through his early years, one of many players competing for top spots in Japanese arcades.  You'll also see how the fighting game scene unfolded during those times.  Watch the memorable comebacks and get inside the head of this iconic player as the formidably talented Shinya Ohnuki encounters a chance meeting with Daigo.  Witness their rivalry and the tactics used to compete in games such as Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, and Darkstalkers.

    Packed and Shipped for Protection

    This book is placed within a protective plastic bag and reinforced with a similar sized comic book board, and will ship in a specialized comic flash mailer to ensure maximum protection.

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    1. A smart approach but sometimes a bit too disjointed.

      This first volume of the manga takes a smart approach to the subject. It actually features Nuki as the protagonist and Daigo as the rival.
      This means you don't actually learn much about or see much of Daigo but rather view him through the eyes of Nuki as a dreaded opponent who must be defeated.

      There is a decent amount of fighting game jargon but it's usually explained with little side notes. The art is also quite nice, making the fights look impressive and dramatic. You can generally recognize the real-life people appearing in the story quite easily.

      The one downside of the book so far is that it can feel a bit disjointed due to the story hopping around to different times and people. On one hand you have Nuki trying to beat Daigo at various games, on the other hand you have the side story of the young man who wants to be a manga writer but clashes with his father about his future career.

      It looks like volume 2 might be more from Daigo's perspective as it tackles his SFII days but I'm obviously not sure about that.

      All in all I'm glad I bought this comic book and I'm eager to pick up future volumes of it as well!

      on Aug 30th 2017

    2. Epic

      This is an epic manga and i cant wait till the next volume. on Aug 23rd 2017

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    ISBN: 978-1-77294-057-2