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Fujin Lever III

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  • Product Description

    The IST Fujin III aims to set a new standard among Korean levers with a host of respected, 3D fighting game centric features. 

    Designed by Airbaguy

    Lately we have seen some of the best K-Sticks come from notable modders in the scene, adopted by manufacturers and revered by enthusiasts. Airbaguy is known for his use of a custom shaped metal plate below the lever's housing, creating a perfectly flat surface for the microswitches to sit.  It is he that designed the third iteration of the Fujin lever, and many argue its features make this latest model the definitive one to own.  

    Form and Function

    The Fujin III is also attractive, utilizing a frosted white battop with a thinner shaft than most Samducka levers. The aim here is to reduce hitting or riding the collar, plus better manipulation of the rubber grommet-based tension. The flat switch mounting plate offers a uniform presentation, while reducing any looseness or wobble of the highly popular Gersung GSM-V1623A3 .187" Long Straight Hinge Lever Microswitches that are utilized for inputs. The grommet is a stiff Myoungshin 45 Shore tension, optimal for players that most often use Tekken's Mishima characters and where wavedashing and constant movement requires a fast return to neutral. 

    All of these elements are housed within a high tolerance mold, quality similar to the 2019 version of the Myoungshin Fanta Joystick. The mounting plate is also designed for maximum compatibility with most Japanese style mounts, though the higher-profile 35mm collar remains a requirement for custom DIY or Korean compatible Fightstick layouts.

    Feature Summary

    • Designed by Airbaguy
    • Frosted Bat
    • 7.8mm diameter shaft (2020 model) 
    • Flat switch mounting plate
    • Utilizes Gersung GSM-V1623A3 .187" Long Straight Hinge Lever Microswitches
    • Much higher tolerance mold
    • Oversized grommet bushing for better tension of grommet
    • Easier to find corners
    • Faster return to neutral
    • Zero deadzone slop
    • Narrower shaft reduced collar ride, better manipulation of grommet tension

    Much thanks to Buttercade's John Buttero for helpful description of features.  IST Fujin III photos used with permission.

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    1. Great lever

      Really nice lever with solid build quality. One thing to note is the microswitches are mounted with two plastic screws instead of the typical 1 metal screw found in the standard fanta sticks. This should lead to slightly more precise location of the switches. Tension is higher than a standard Fanta and there is no play in the stick when resting at neutral, which feels good. The clear bat top feels excellent.

      I believe one of the A3 switches on my copy was actuating differently than the others, causing the down right input to be occasionally missed. I changed all of the switches out to some old A2 switches I had and that solved the issue. Overall I would recommend this lever over the standard Fanta sticks.
      on Aug 14th 2022

    2. One of my top favorite k levers

      I bought the fujin v3 because I'm a big fan of k levers compared to Japanese levers . it's basically a high end myoungshin fanta if you like the myoungshin fanta you'll feel right at home ! my favorite part of the lever is the switch plate design and the Frosted battop it gives it a very unique feel and design. I installed the funjin on my Qanba dragon I got the inspiration to do it because of YouTuber Alex Nostalgix thank you Alex if you ever read this . I'm running the v3 with the sanjuks low profile body with a heavy grommet and crown 202's buttons and it feelings awesome . I highly recommend this lever on Jan 7th 2022

    3. Best Feeling Out of Box KLever

      I've owned 3 different models of Crown sticks (309, CDPQR, and the Helpme) and all of them I felt that I needed to change part of them through modding in one way or another.

      The Fujin V3 is the first Korean lever that I can say I would be happy with never opening up the lever to make mods.

      I might change the grommet after a while as I tend to prefer a looser feeling stick, but that is solely my personal preference and this mod is in no way needed.
      on Apr 25th 2020

    4. great korean lever

      feels great to play games on, directions feel crisp and amazing aesthetics on Feb 7th 2020

    5. Amazing Lever 10/10

      Reminds of Tayeong fanta but with more quality materials and better diagonals.
      The balltop one of a kind. Its a Pleasure to hold it.

      The only cons of that stick are microswitches. Very loud and crispy high sound.
      on Feb 1st 2020

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