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GamerFinger Mix & Match HBFS-24 24mm Cap: Red [RESERVE]

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    The HBFS-G3 cap allows you to mix and match with the growing array of color choices available to the GamerFinger series pushbutton.

    Available in solid color or translucent, the cap is directly placed atop the mechanical switch.  Translucent caps allow you to see directly into the button.

    Compatible with older GamerFinger Pushbuttons

    The G3 cap will properly fit the original G1 and G2 pushbuttons, allowing owners of the older models to customize with the available colors.

    Does not Accommodate FightStick Artwork

    Please note that these caps do not contain plungers for artwork. If you desire a cap that will allow installation of button art, please select GamerFinger Mix & Match HBFS-30 30mm Cap: Crystal (2-Piece for Art) or GamerFinger Mix & Match HBFS-30 30mm Cap: Smoke (2-Piece for Art).  

    Download the Gamerfinger HBFS Key Switch & Crystal Artwork Install Guide (PDF)

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    1. They feel so good!!

      These Gamer Finger 24mm button are a big upgrade comparing to the Chinese buttons on Excellence HitBox and I'll get 9 more 30mm buttons to make it perceptible. on Dec 30th 2019

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    • Tech Corner: The GamerFinger HBFS-30-G3 Pushbutton
      GamerFinger is the first company to offer an arcade pushbutton...

    Tech Corner: The GamerFinger HBFS-30-G3 Pushbutton

    GamerFinger is the first company to offer an arcade pushbutton with swappable mechanical keyboard microswitches. This gives your the flexibility to play with varying force and feedback, tailoring to your preferences. This episode covers how to assemble the HBFS-30-G3 screwbutton, swap in and out Cherry MX keyboard microswitches, and tips on installation. Products mentioned in this video: GamerFinger Brand pushbuttons - Cherry MX mechanical keyboard microswitches -