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GamerFinger Mix & Match HBFS-30 30mm Cap (2-Piece for Art) [RESERVE]

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    Note: Each of the art caps are clear - only the plunger has the color.  Artwork placed under the cap will not have a smoke tint.

    The HBFS-G3 plunger cap by Gamerfinger is one of the several mix and match caps available for the pushbutton. 

    This specific cap and plunger combination allows you to customize with custom artwork, similar to Sanwa OBSC or Seimitsu PS-14-K or KN series pushbuttons.  The 21mm cap is removable; insert pushbutton artwork atop the plunger and under the cap. Use it to create a seamless control panel display, or add special button symbols. 

    Compatible with older GamerFinger Pushbuttons

    The G3 cap will properly fit the original G1 and G2 pushbuttons, allowing owners of the older models to customize with the available colors.

    Download the Gamerfinger HBFS Key Switch & Crystal Artwork Install Guide (PDF)

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    1. Art Moves

      Update from FA: GamerFinger cap diameter is larger than Sanwa. You must cut artwork specifically for GamerFinger button cap

      Got the clear caps to show off the art in the buttons. Installed a few then was testing the buttons and noticed the piece of art was spinning around on each button press. I used to have the clear sanwa buttons to show the art and this never happened.

      Decided to take a small piece of tape, loop the ends to make it a stick to the plunger piece and the art. Problem solved.

      If the art would have stayed in place on the first installation, this would be a 5 star review.
      on Apr 12th 2020

    2. Very clear

      Unlike the other caps these are very clear, and won't leave scratch marks as easily as the other gamer fingers caps, but if you get custom art from focus attack the art for the buttons are a tight fit for the caps, but all in all they are really good and worth the extra cents for them. on Sep 3rd 2019

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    • HBFS G3: How to Replace Cherry MX Switch
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    HBFS G3: How to Replace Cherry MX Switch

    This Tutorial show you how to replace Cherry MX Switch by yourself.