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GP2040-CE (V5.6E - USB-B, USB-C) Open Source Multi-Console Fight Board [SOLO]

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  • Product Description

    Before You Buy

    The RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board v5.6 runs the GP2040-CE firmware. This firmware can do many things, but it is important to understand some things that it cannot do out of the box:

    • For native PS4 support you will need appropriate DS4 keys (which neither we nor the GP2040-CE team can provide) or a compatible USB dongle like the MayFlash MagicBoots v1.1, the PXN N5, or Brook Wingman FGC Multi-Console to PS5/PS4/PC Converter.
    • There is no native PS5 support but you can use the dongle from the above point which will allow for play in any games that support legacy PS4 controllers (examples include Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 11, etc)
    • For Xbox One or Series S|X support, you will need the MagicBoots FPS Adapter Joystick Converter for Xbox One or Magic-X Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter. Xbox 360 support is currently not possible. new-window-icon.png
    • Neither the RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board or the GP2040-CE firmware is compatible with the Brook UP5 Playstation 5 Add-On.
    • Due to the open-source nature of the RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board the GP2040-CE firmware is constantly changing and improving. The Focus Attack support team is very limited in its ability to assist with troubleshooting firmware-related issues, and it is highly recommend that you first reach out to the official Open Stick community Discordnew-window-icon.png Additionally, you'll want to read the official documentation which are available here: new-window-icon.png
    • If you are uncomfortable with the open-source or DIY nature of this device, you may want to instead choose a solution from Brook.
    • For those looking to return the older 5.2E model in exchange for the newer one, please note that returns are not accepted 30 days after delivery. Domestic orders are eligible for returns only.

    GP2040-CE is a controller input firmware for the Raspberry Pi Pico and other boards that derive from RP2040 microcontrollers. The resulting hardware represents the fantastic culmination of a robust, community driven open source input control PCB. Economically priced and feature rich, this device powers a variety of modern consoles, with frequent firmware updates to expand its capabilities. As packed as the GP2040-CE is, its low latency hardware is designed provide endless customization possibilities without sacrificing performance.

    Current Compatibility List

    It's important to check the official GP2040-CE site new-window-icon.png for recent console compatibility via latest firmware updates.

    Feature List

    The GP2040-CE V5.6E boasts a wide range of features for its economically priced hardware

    • USB passthrough port now embedded on control PCB. Allows PS4 and PS5 (specifically via PS4 legacy controller support) compatibility via Mayflash Magicboots V1.1 or PSN N5 USB dongles. Allows for Xbox Series X|S support via Mayflash MagicBoots FPS Adapter Joystick Converter for Xbox One or Magic-X Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter.
    • USB B for traditional connection to Neutrik NAUSB-W-B A/B USB Feed-Through.
    • USB C for alternate connection. 
    • Overclocked polling rate for an average of 0.77ms of input latency in Xinput, Switch and Dinput modes and on average 1.72ms for Playstation 4/5. Firmware updates continue to improve input latency.
    • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes - Up Priority (a.k.a. Stickless), Neutral (CPT Ruleset), and Second Input Priority.
    • Left and Right analog stick emulation via D-pad inputs as well as dedicated toggle switches.
    • Dual direction via D-pad + LS/RS.
    • Reversed input via a button. Example: If utilizing lever control, and you are holding left, pressing the reverse input button will flip directly to right. Upon depress, the input will return to the left.
    • Turbo and Turbo LED with selectable speed
    • Per-button RGB LED support.
    • PWM Player indicator LED support (XInput only).
    • Multiple LED profiles support.
    • Support for 128x64 monochrome I2C displays - SSD1306, SH1106, and SH1107 compatible.
    • Custom startup splash screen and easy image upload via web configuration.
    • Support for passive buzzer speaker (3v or 5v).
    • Built-in, embedded web-based configuration.

    Built-in Passthrough (MagicBoots dongle not included)GP2040-CE USB Passthrough Port Directly On Board

    The USB Passthrough port allows you to connect a PS5/PS4 USB dongle such as the Mayflash Magicboots V1.1, or PXN N5 (not included with purchase). This allows for compatibility for any games that support legacy PS4 controllers (examples include Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 11, etc). Unlike the earlier 5.2E the USB Passthrough is now built right into the control PCB. This keeps the form factor relatively compact, an improvement over the earlier v5.2E model which used a separate passthrough adapter board.

    Download and Print the GP2040-CE V5.6 Info Card

    The helpful information card includes input shortcuts, list of console, arcade and PC (XInput, DInput) main button inputs and GPIO pinout. This multi-page card is available as a free digital download with each device purchase, or directly downloadable via the below link. 

    Personalize with RGB Button LEDs

    The GP2040-CE has its own per-button LED support. You can view pre-set static button colors, pre-programmed animations, and console specific button colors.  

    We now offer the FA 30mm Button RGB LED 8 Pak for GP2040-CE an add-on. Included with the LED Pak:

    Learn more about GP2040-CE's LED capabilities here:

    Optional Add-On: FA 30mm LED 8 Pak PCB with RGB LED Converter connected Sample Install: 30mm Sanwa OBSC Buttons Only
    8-Button LED Pack  Connection to the FA RGB LED Converter Board for GP2040-CE  RGB LED daisy chain install example

    Passionate Discord Community

    The GP2040-CE team has a small but passionate Discord group. Drop by to keep up with the latest developments, troubleshoot any firmware issues you might run into and contribute to the excitement of this project: new-window-icon.png

    Copyright 2023 TheTrain and n-i-x


    Due to the open-source nature of RP2040, the GP2040-CE device firmware and software is constantly changing and improving. Our support team is very limited in ability to assist with troubleshooting issues, and highly recommend that you first reach out to the official Discord community for firmware support. Additionally, you'll want to read the official documentation.

    Additional Resources

    • Official GP2040-CE Website: Contains everything you'll need to know about the GP2040-CE, firmware releases, and detailed install and configuration instructions. new-window-icon.png
    • Official Discord community: Helpful in answering questions about your install, troubleshoot firmware-related issues, and chat about developments for the RP2040 chipset. new-window-icon.png
    • Official GP2040-CE FAQ: Helpful answers to common questions about the hardware and firmware. new-window-icon.png
    • Official Firmware Updates: Fully tested firmware releases for the device. Choose firmware with GP2040-CE_[FIRMWARE ID]_RP2040AdvancedBreakoutBoard.uf2. All other firmwares are designed for other hardware variations under the RP2040 chipset. You will not need those. new-window-icon.png
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    New fightstick firmware about to shake up FGC scene! Move over Brook!

    The Open Stick Community has a fresh new GP2040-CE firmware revision that can be loaded onto most RP2040 devices, including some arcade stick PCBs. This promises speed and compatibility with many systems (including and XINPUT, Nintendo Switch, HID-keyboard, PS3/DINPUT and ...?) Check out the full project here:
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