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Hori RAP N Custom Replacement Panel - Shiokenstar Layout

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    SOCD Cleaner Required for this Layout

    FA SOCD Requirement
    The original hardware was not designed to accomodate simultaneous opposite cardinal directions, which is not preferable when attempting to use a Hitbox or keyboard style layout that replaces a joystick lever with pushbuttons.  You can purchase the FA SO.CD Cleaner for All-Button Control and All-Button harness for SOCD, plus power passthrough harness where applicable. You may also consider one of the discounted panel + art/plexi bundles which include the SOCD and appropriate wiring and extras.

    A replacement metal panel for a popular commercial Fightstick allows you to try pushbutton and joystick layouts that weren't originally intended from the manufacturer. 

    Durable Steel Panel, Matte Finish

    Each AllFightSticks panel is constructed out of steel, with a protective black powdercoat, providing a matte finish that is easy to rest your hands upon, plus manage wear and tear. 

    Designed for Modern Hori RAP N Models Shiokenstar Layout

    The "Shiokenstar" is a slight variation from "Stickless" or all-button.  The action buttons are larger - 30mm instead of 24mm. Those with larger hands or fingers may appreciate the spacing afforded to this layout. The replacement panel will fit each of the models displayed:

    Hori RAP N (Black/Gold) Hori RAP N (Tekken 7 PS4/PS3) Hori RAP N (Tekken 7 Xbox One/Xbox 360) Hori Soul Calibur VI (PS3/PS4) Hori Soul Calibur VI (Xb1)

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    1. Awesome feel and good weight

      It has sort of a matte finish that feels really good. Really comfortable when resting your hands on the stick. Also the weight is lighter than the original panel but still feels good which I like a lot. on May 7th 2021

    2. Fits great - VERY hefty

      This thing is legitimately beefier than I expected. It's really thick and has a nice rough texture that feels nice on your hands.

      It weighs significantly more than I expected - it is not at all flimsy.
      on Dec 8th 2020

  • Product Videos

    • How To: Installing the AFS RAP N Stickless Panel
      Designed by AllFightSticks, the all-new metal replacement pane...

    How To: Installing the AFS RAP N Stickless Panel

    Designed by AllFightSticks, the all-new metal replacement panel allows you to play HitBox style on your Hori RAP N Fightstick! Tech Corner's Joe Howell shows you how to install the panel, artwork, plexi and wiring. Joe also installs the FA SO.CD - a miniature device made specifically to clean simultaneous opposite cardinal directions (pressing up or down, left or right at the same time) that the RAP N was not designed to accomodate. Save $50 on a Fightstick Conversion bundle! Included ($110 Value) - Hori RAP N Custom Replacement Panel ($34.95 Value) - Custom Etched Acrylic Panel with optional Button Label, Text and Partial Graphic ($23.95 Value) - Buttercade SnapOut Button Tools: 30mm and 24mm ($15.95 Value) - FA SO.CD Cleaner PCB ($12.95 Value) - Custom Printed Artwork ($11.95 Value) - Choice of Color Anodized Hex Screws + 2.5mm Long Arm Hex Key) ($4.25 Value) - HitBox harness for FA SO.CD ($2.95 Value) - Hori Power Passthrough Harness for FA SO.CD ($2.95 Value) - Brillianize Instant Detailer Pack For Plexiglass ($1.95 Value) - 3mm Hole Low Profile Adhesive PCB Feet - Set of 4 ($.95 Value) Bundles are available while supplies last.
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