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Hori Wired Joy Pad for Nintendo Switch

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    Important Note

    Does not offer motion control, NFC, or vibration feedback.

    Officially licensed by Nintendo. The HORIPAD for Nintendo Switch is a sturdy, high-performance controller that serves as either an economical alternative to the Nintendo Pro controller, or great second player controller.  The HORIPAD  fast-action trigger shoulder buttons, a detachable D-pad adapter, high-precision offset analog sticks, turbo settings and more. Wired functionality provides fast, lag-free fast responses and tournament ready performance.  An ergonomic grip and a lightweight profile ensures continued comfort during long gameplay sessions.

    Unique Removable D-Pad

    The HORIPAD includes a swappable D-Pad, with storage behind the controller. Underneath the D-pad reveals a set of buttons similar to the joy-con left player configuration.

    Swappable D-Pad and storage for D-Pad.  Recessed button pad.


    Hardware Manual

    Download the hardware manual for HORIPAD for Nintendo Switch



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    1. Great Gamepad. Hard to QCF

      So here's the low down:

      -It's has a very pro controller-like feel the buttons don't feel cheap.

      -No HD rumble option if really want that for your first parties.

      -The triggers feel very similar to the pro they have that squishy feeling.

      The versatility of the Dpad being uniform and also having separate buttons is nice.

      The bad is.

      -The uniform DPad is very separated causing you to misinput QCF and DP motions. This also due to the separate buttons underneath the Dpad.

      -Not good for Fighting Games honestly nor platforming either. Where it shines is things that use the analog stick. However I beat Gunvolt with it so it's doable.

      on Jan 15th 2019

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    Nintendo Switch controller break down. Hori vs Pro

    Here is my controller hands on break down. Hope this is helpful for you guys! Here is the link to PREORDER the HORI in America Here is the PRO to order!
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