.187 50g e-switch, nut included.  Ships unassembled as in sample photo.  Easy Installation.

IL PSL-H Concave Short Stem Pushbutton - Blue

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    Cherry is now rebranded to ZF. The ZF switch is supposed to remain the same construction and characteristics as Cherry D44x, only new branding on the physical microswitch.  Our inventory may contain a mix of the two brands over the next few months and we are not separating them.  We will not honor requests to send only Cherry switches, nor return requests to swap for Cherry.  If you want Cherry-brand microswitches, please find another retail store that might have those older units on hand, as they are no longer manufactured. More information new-window-icon.png

    Need more room in your arcade cabinet than a long stem pushbutton can provide? Fancying the nostalgic feel of American-style Street Fighter cabinet pushbuttons in your custom Fightstick (that can accomodate .187" microswitches) or iCade?  Industrias Lorenzo may provide a solution for each with the PSL-H Concave Short Stem Pushbutton.

    The American/EU styled, concave pushbutton features a short stem body for metal and up to 3/4" wood control panels. 


    • .187" terminal Silver Contact Microswitch Standard
    • High quality plastics for durability
    • Fits standard arcade sized 1.125" (1 1/8") hole
    • Concave Plunger Design
    • Short stem can accomodate from 1mm (.4") to 20mm (.78") with included plastic nut

    Choose 75g ZF D44X Microswitch or No Microswitch to Save

    The arcade-ready ZF D44X 75g .187" Microswitch is included with your purchase, or you can opt-out of a microswitch and get 40 cents off your purchase.

    PSL-H dimensional specifications

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    1. Spring too long.

      Same spring as long stem. Take the spring out and cut at least 1 turn of the coil to eliminate button Jams and too make quick pressing more reliable. on Mar 22nd 2019

    2. First poster is correct

      Yes, the spring definitely makes this button more difficult to push, my suggestion is to get cherry switches, take the spring out completely and get ready to kiss me! on Aug 23rd 2016

    3. Good but without its flaws.

      The IL short stem pushbutton is meant to be use by those who want IL buttons for their arcade sticks (mostly Japanese) that are too small for the regular long stem buttons. While this button does a good job of providing the quality that IL is known for, I couldn't help but notice how much more tense the button push is compared to a long stem. After some inspection, I discovered that the spring used for the short stem is the same sized spring used in a long stem, which, given how it has to fit in the smaller casing, gives the short stem a bit more tension that the standard long stems. Its not too bad, but it can be noticeable to those who've used long stem buttons, and it might cause a bit more fatigue than usual. I suggest comparing this short stem button with a long stem for yourself before getting yourself a whole set. on May 25th 2016

    4. Fits ion iCade Button Mounting Holes

      This button fits into the mounting holes in the ion iCade "cabinet". The spring action is improved and, when combined with upgraded switches, respond far better than the default buttons. Solid blue color. Recommended. on Apr 19th 2016

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