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Industrias Lorenzo 8-Way EuroJoystick - White

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    Cherry is now rebranded to ZF. The ZF switch is supposed to remain the same construction and characteristics as Cherry D44x, only new branding on the physical microswitch.  Our inventory may contain a mix of the two brands over the next few months and we are not separating them.  We will not honor requests to send only Cherry switches, nor return requests to swap for Cherry.  If you want Cherry-brand microswitches, please find another retail store that might have those older units on hand, as they are no longer manufactured. More information new-window-icon.png

    Spain-based Industrias Lorenzo is widely respected amongst arcade cabinet enthusiasts for its attention to quality and solid construction.  The EuroStick series hardware is designed to fit wood and metal arcade control panels.


    • Fits wood and metal control panels
    • Battop design
    • Spring return-to-center
    • 8-way operation
    • D44X 75g .187" Microswitch included.
    • .187" terminal Silver Contact Microswitch Standard
    Eurostick Joystick dimensional specifications

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    1. Ideal for older game players & young players wanting rapid response

      As you can see in the photo the square actuator is extremely close to the switch activation points, meaning that movement of the Joystick produces immediate character response, rather than a long throw for any movement. This means this joystick allows faster play and responses by you, the player. I love this Joystick, but do wish Focus Attack offered the longer & shorter shats shown in the instructions which come with it. A++ on Nov 23rd 2017

    2. Greatest Western Joystick!

      Everywhere I look I see Sanwa this, Seimitsu that, Fanta here, Crown there, Hayabusa everywhere! One day I tried out an IL joystick at an arcade amusement room, and it felt good, REALLY good. I've tried modifying my Hayabusa joystick so that it could feel like an IL joystick, but it is not the same, more of an "almost, not quite" feeling. I just had to get one, so I did. Super snappy with a quick return to neutral. I tried very hard to get it to deflect and activate another direction but the damn thing refused to. Plus, they're fairly quiet, and have a solid feeling when hitting their "edge" or whatever you want to call it. Corners weren't a problem either. I never understood why IL has such a bad reputation. I feel it might be because many people mistake these with Suzo HAPP. I'm gonna say this right now, IL joysticks are NOT just like Suzo HAPP, with Suzo HAPP having numerous design flaws that hinder its use. IL joysticks are just as accurate and well designed as the Japanese and Korean joysticks out there.

      However one issue I will say is that the IL joystick is huge. I have a Hori RAP V4 and sadly it could not fit inside, at least not without mods. This stick was meant to be used in arcade cabinets, with most pre-made fight sticks not being big enough to hold this stick. The only exception to my knowledge is the Hori VIEWLIX case, but unless you want to drop $300 for it, I suggest either getting a custom case (I ordered one from, look them up on Facebook, good stuff) or mod your current stick with a wood or cardboard frame underneath to give it enough leeway. I just wish there were more premade sticks out there that can house the IL joystick (especially western brands like Madcatz and Razer).

      Overall, this is a fantastic stick and one that I highly recommend if you want to up your fighting game prowess or party like its 1980-something. It gives a unique feeling compared to current Japanese and Korean sticks.
      on Mar 7th 2017

    3. Nice!

      Needed some decent sticks for my black and white bartop build and these fit the bill. Looks great. Thanks for carrying this product! on Nov 24th 2015

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