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    Important Notice regarding color

    7/14/2021 - we were informed by IST that the KNEE lever has undergone cosmetic changes to address a performance inconsistency with the red plastic. Our unbox photo shows the older color.  The new colors are black case with red metal plate. Additionally, the aluminum actuator is no longer used, replaced by an acetal actuator.  This was to address control issues reported with the original actuator.

    Courtesy ROX GamingROX Dragons | Jaemin "Knee" Bae's legacy as the undisputed all-time best pro Tekken player in the world has begun to spread to the western continents.  In 2019 alone, KNEE has won or placed high in no less than ten (10) Tekken specific events, including EVO Tekken, Tekken 7 World Tour at Combo Breaker, World Showdown of ESports, and Japan Mastercup 11 Championship

    These achievements were done in part by his own custom lever, which features a number of components designed with his and other pro Tekken players feedback such as Chanel. The IST KNEE lever wraps these unique characteristics into an attractive package inside and out.


    Compatible with Sanwa Mount

    The KNEE lever does not possess a 35mm collar and its multi-mounting plate possesses holes to install in Sanwa-compatible fightsticks that have enough clearance.  

    IST KNEE Lever Multi-mounting plate is designed to mount in Sanwa compatible fightsticks

    Notes For New K-Stick Players

    If you are coming from a Sanwa JLF or other Japanese style lever, some worthwhile notes to keep in mind

    Round Type - No Gates

    Korean sticks do not possess any restrictor gate.  Instead it moves freely in a circular fashion.  There are no restrictor gates that are compatible with this lever.


    Tension via Rubber Grommet, Not Metal Spring

    Additionally, there is no tension spring. Instead most Korean levers use a rubber grommet placed in the housing.  This surrounds the shaft, and a plastic or Delrin bobbin keeps shaft in place. The tension included with the KNEE lever is 35.

    Available separately, IST rubber grommet are uniquely color-coded to represent their hardness/tensile strength, making it easy to identify if you desire to switch to a different tension. Each are made of silicone rubber, with the exception being Shore A 45 Black, which is manufactured from natural rubber. The list below details each color and hardness.

    IST Fanta Grommet 25 Tension (White)  IST Fanta Grommet 30 Tension (Yellow) IST Fanta Grommet 32 Tension (Purple) IST Fanta Grommet 35 Tension (Blue) IST Fanta Grommet 40 Tension (Red) IST Fanta Grommet 45 Tension (Black)
    Shore A 25 White Shore A 30 Yellow Shore A 32 Violet Shore A 35 Blue Shore A 40 Red Shore A 45 Black (Natural Rubber)

    Straight Hinge Microswitch, .187" Terminal

    Long straight hinge microswitch exampleMicroswitches without a straight hinge are incompatible.  If you are planning to experiment with microswitches on your new K-Stick, be sure to purchase straight hinge type.

    Tested Compatibility with Fightsticks

    The KNEE lever dimensions are 95x83x118mm. (3.74 inches long, 3.26 inches deep and 4.64 inches high) with shaft installed Without shaft and including the microswitches, the base is 38mm high.  IST confirms the following FightSticks are compatible with the KNEE lever.  Its fit is similar to the Crown 303-FK.  We will add to this list as we perform fit tests with other models in our possession. 

    • Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa (includes RAP 4 Kai, RAP 3-SA/SX as it uses similar housing)
    • Hori RAP N
    • Hori Edge (original and 2017 model)
    • Hori VLX (all models)
    • Razer Panthera (not Panthera EVO)
    • MadCatz TE2+ (also compatible with original MCZ TE2 models)
    • Qanba Q1 CUT
    • Qanba Obsidian
    • Nacon Daija
    • Joytron EX Revolution V2

    Included with Purchase 

    The KNEE lever comes with several parts such as laser engraved clear battop, aluminum actuator, anodized aluminum shaft, wrench for attaching and detaching the shaft, dustwasher, aluminum actuator, and 3 e-clips (helpful as e-clips are easy to lose), all packaged in a stylish black box.  You will also find paper instructions for installing the shaft, battop, dustwasher, and actuator with e-clip.

    Please note body color has changed

    Parts for Performance

    Some of the unique characteristics of the KNEE lever fall into its custom grommet and actuator along with non-Korean standard decisions for switch and shaft.  These were based on feedback from KNEE himself, along with players such as Chanel, and now serve as KNEE's daily driver:

    ist-knee-omron-microswitch.jpg IST KNEE lever possesses a white 35 Shore A grommet

    OmronV-152-3A5 Microswitch

    The KNEE lever takes a departure from the common Gersung brand to instead utilize Omron long-hinge microswitches that promise a lifespan of 50 million clicks and high sensitivity.

    35 Shore A Hyper Tension Rubber Grommet

    Seemingly unique to the KNEE lever is the white 35 Shore A grommet - a softer tension that appears it possesses a faster return to neutral.  There may be a higher tension towards the center of the grommet hole, which the bobbin attaches itself to. 

    15.5mm aluminum anodized actuator KNEE Lever black anodized shaft

    15.5mm Acetal Actuator

    The red acetal actuator is both style and substance.  IST reports that the actuator's diagonal zone is weighted towards the bottom to provide a faster down to diagonal input.

    Anodized Aluminum Shaft

    Another departure from the standard design of most Korean levers is the anodized aluminum shaft.  This lighter-weight, corrosion resistant shaft also contains a Sanwa compatible threading, allowing you to install a wide variety of aftermarket balltops and battops if you so choose.

    The body casing is made of urethane, which has a higher tensile strength, a good resistance to abrasion compared to plastics.

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    1. The other K-Revolution

      If you’ve scrolled down to the reviews, it means that you already know what you’re looking for in a joystick lever. You’ve got the K-Bug, Sanwa JLFs does the job but maybe you’re not a huge fan, you probably have experience with Crown and Fantas, and are looking for a similar lever to easily pop into whatever standard fightstick you have on hand.

      And for the most part, the IST Knee meets those criteria. As one of the few collarless k-levers remaining in the market (plus, it’s often times in stock!), the IST Knee is a convenient lever to pop into whatever Hori/Razer/Qanba/etc you happen to have lying around. In my own case, I was working with the (criminally overlooked) Nacon Daija. Installation wasn’t bad, though make sure you have a dremel on hand, as the mounting plate is a tad larger than your standard Sanwa JLF. I had to sand down a little bit of plastic molding.

      I’ve already disassembled and reassembled the thing a couple of times, and I have no complaints on build quality. The device is solid, with an excess of metal parts in place of plastic.

      I think your mileage may vary on performance, and much of that will depend on what your expectations are, and what you’re looking to get out of your joystick. The stock config works fine, though I would often times miss the corner inputs (however, this is common with k-levers, as the rubber grommet needs breaking in). The IST Knee has a fairly long throw, but is also a tad sensitive (but not Hori “hair-trigger” sensitive). My inputs will register before the lever hits the rubbery goodness that is the grommet, but the stock grommet is also not very resistant. While there’s another review that says that there’s not a lot of wobble, mine did have quite a bit. A lot more than I’m comfortable with. Personally speaking, it feels almost like a k-lever that was tuned to feel like a Sanwa JLF, which may or may not appeal to you. Precise, but not a lot of resistance

      In my own case, the main thing I wanted was to get that Fanta feel in my fightstick of choice. So, I’ve swapped out some microswitches, replaced the rubber grommet (twice. First with a medium gauge, and then literally the hardest I could find), and it’s great now! I’m getting a level of sensitivity that I’m used to, and the wobble is down to an acceptable level. Inputs are a WIP as the new grommet needs some breaking in :p

      At the end of the day, this is as good as any lever you’ll find, comes with the added benefit of fitting into standard fightsticks without the need of a hole saw, and performs well. If you’re looking to replicate a certain feel, I recommend having replacement parts on hand. Grommets, alternate microswitches and actuators can help you tune the thing to your liking.
      on Mar 10th 2022

    2. Very good lever

      Have tried different flavors of crowns, fantas, and this is one of the best. Bad QC with the stock switches though so I replaced them. Same with the grommet... the tension felt uneven so I took it apart and noticed it still had plastic/silicone molding in some of the corners so must have been unevenly cut. I ended up trimming the excess with a razor and it feels perfect now.

      What I like the most is how much thought was put into the switch mounting support - there's absolutely zero wobble across any of the different brand switches I've tried. I also like the aluminum actuator - especially how precise the 7mm hole was drilled for the shaft. Eliminates unnecessary wobble unlike other k-sticks.
      on Feb 28th 2020

    3. Excellently executed.

      I have a second gen knee lever, and after a few hours of playing it, it handles like butter. Laser sharp diagonal qcf, inputs. It has very little resistance and feels rather effortless to move whilst still managing to feel responsive and tactile, and maintaining a very crisp return to neutral. Very aesthetically pleasing design. Would definately reccomend purchasing this tribute to a tekken legend. on Jan 3rd 2020

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