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Magicians V2 Programmable SOCD Cleaner

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  • Product Description

    Notice for CPT Play

    Because the Magician's SOCD V2 is programmable, it may come under scrutiny by any tournament organization should they know of its presence in your build.  It is recommended that you set to the following logic states before playing competitively: Up + Down = Neutral, Left + Right = Neutral. You can achieve this using the Magician SOCD app. 

    The Magicians SOCD Cleaner by Bit Bang Gaming adds SOCD cleaning to nearly any commercial and aftermarket control board, and provides up to 25 SOCD combinations and a programmable SOCD ruleset via app. This robust device truly redefines what is possible in a SOCD cleaner.  

    What is SOCD?

    The fighting game community has enthusiastically embraced a unique arcade input control method that replaces the up, down, left and right directions with pushbuttons instead of a joystick lever.

    To those in the scene, this method represents a means to decrease input time and simplify directional control to button muscle memory, pulling off attacks with more confidence and speed. Of those who have learned the nuances of all-button control, desire to put that control in their favorite Fightstick. 

    SOCD, or Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction is an undesired output that can occur in an all-button control scheme. Unlike a lever, which only produces one direct or diagonal output based on the direction the lever is pulled, it is possible to input two opposite directions when using a pushbutton. This created unpredictable and unwanted behavior in a tournament setting, which can lead to a disqualification.  "Cleaning" the direction with simple logic states (Up + Down = Up, Left + Right = Neutral) allows predictable and tournament legal control when two opposite direction buttons are pressed. 

    Commercial Fightsticks manufactured by Hori, Qanba, MadCatz or others were not originally designed to clean SOCD, as the wiring expected the use of a lever for its directional control.  The Magicians SOCD V2 accepts the directional input wiring through its unique terminal connectors, then outputs it to a 5-pin male connector. The Fightstick's joystick connector attaches to this 5-pin connector, allowing it to register cleaned all-button control directions. Further, you can program additional rulesets to perform different input operations.


    All configuration is performed via app for iOS or Android. In this app, you can perform and view the following features:

    • Changing SOCD cleaning modes, with 25 to choose from.
    • Creating your own SOCD rules when you need extra control.
    • Saving between four different profiles to switch in between matches and games.
    • Changing the cleaned output connector mapping for any control board pinout.
    • Changing the cleaned output connector logic convention for compatibility with most control board.
    • Real time testing of cleaned outputs to ensure the cleaning profile is configured exactly how you intended it to be.
    • Changing the type of BLE advertising to save on battery power or to prevent other players from messing with your settings.
    • Reading PCB and app information to stay informed on your setup’s version.

    Ease in Connectivity

    The Magicians SOCD Cleaner V2 simplifies wiring and installation for the following features:

    • Power input via a two-pin screw terminal block and Pass-thru Harness port, which are protected from accidental reverse voltage conditions. The Pass-thru Harness port makes it easier to use aftermarket pass thru cables.
    • Direction inputs via a five-pin screw terminal block, allowing the SOCD to accommodate the wiring scheme of your setup.
    • Cleaned outputs via a five pin JST NH connector, commonly used for arcade joysticks such as Sanwa JLF.  This simplifies the integration of your controller’s existing cables or aftermarket harnesses.
    • Micro USB port for power test or firmware update via PC.
    • Smart phone app that connects via Bluetooth to quickly configure and test the Magicians SOCD Cleaner during installation, or change modes between matches.
    • OMNI port for both direction inputs and LED output for seamless ODIN and LOKI installation.



    App Download:

    Android | iOS

    Firmware Updates:

    Latest firmware via

    • Firmware is updatable over Micro USB port.
    • Flashing can be performed on Windows using microcontroller’s native program applications.

    Manual Download

    Download BBG Magicians SOCD V2 manual here (PDF)

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    1. Most Likely the Best SOCD Cleaner

      I've been using this product for two days now. It was very simple to get it installed. I am using a pico fighting board with it if that helps anyone. But essentially all you do for the install is wire up your directional buttons to the cleaner and then plug in your 5 pin harness to the connector on the cleaner. I think this product is a must have for anyone using a hitbox layout. There are so many options for SOCD cleaning and the phone app worked flawless for me! on Sep 26th 2022

    2. Best SOCD Cleaner for tournament players

      I've been using it for a couple of days now with a WASD Drop-in with a Madcatz TES+ playing Tekken and it's better than the Qanba Obsidian software SOCD Cleaning.

      Installation was pretty straight forward, you could even test your inputs without a fightstick with whatever directional keys you have, the app, and a micro USB cable.

      I did receive this with red t-taps that weren't able to get power from the USB cable, but BitBang Gaming promptly sent me black t-taps that worked perfectly no soldering needed.

      For me I just play Tekken so this SOCD cleaner was kinda overkill since all I need is b+f = n and up+down = up, but if you play multiple different fighting games they may require different SOCD cleaning rules in tournament so this would be the ideal SOCD cleaner to have.

      Lots of support for all different sticks, seems to be really powerful in other customizations for how you want your directional keys to work.
      on Sep 13th 2022

    3. Complete Control SOCD Cleaner

      Full disclosure: I'm a tester and Discord moderator for BitBang Gaming. I received a Magicians V2 for free to test and give feedback.

      I've been using a Magicians V2 for about a week and a half with an Omni Arcade ODIN/LOKI, and I think this cleaner is amazing; it does everything the original did and more. Using the phone app (required for setup/customization), it's easy to change profiles when you swap characters/games/genres, and each of the 4 profiles can be preset with 25 potential cleaning combinations.

      Furthermore, the custom rule function allows specific and situational cleaning behavior. You set up custom rules using a truth table, which looks intimidating at first, but it's worth the effort. For example, I use custom rules for Tetris: My custom rules prevent "Up" from working if any other directions are currently or simultaneously pressed. This custom configuration saves me from an accidental hard drop when the pressure is on.

      The V2 install is simple and straightforward. Some controllers will be an easier install then others; it all depends on if the PCB is easily accessible or not. The V2 is also compatible with Brook Fighting Board PCBs and even zero delay encoders. Basically, if you can see your controller's USB cable connection to the PCB, you can do this mod.

      This cleaner might be more powerful than the average player needs, but if you want complete control over your SOCD cleaning, this is the cleaner for you.
      on Aug 27th 2022

    4. It has an app!!!

      I've been playing with this thing for weeks and loving every second!! The app makes everything so much easier no more toggle switches drilling holes in your sticks. its simple and super easy to use. Love it love it love it!!! on Aug 21st 2022