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Myoungshin Fanta Joystick Black (Fall 2019 Model)


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  • Product Description

    Note: The 1.37 inch (35mm) wide collar collar diameter is not compatible with Japanese joystick compatible fightsticks.  The Crown JLF Conversion Shaft is not compatible due to its thicker shaft diameter.

    The Myoungshin Fanta joystick represents one of the most popular Korean joysticks available today.

    Setting the Standard

    For many, the Myoungshin Fanta continues to place the bar high when it comes to wavedash performance in the Tekken series, and ease of hitting diagonals when they're most needed.  Inside, the latex rubber grommet has a hard stiffness - about 45 shore A -  and serves as a critical component for high execution, returning to neutral quickly and capably.  More common with Korean joysticks, there is no plastic gate.  Instead, the grommet and housing provide the limits of the joystick's throw.  It's best to recognize that you do not have to travel far to register an QCF or QCB input.

    Fall 2019 Edition: Adjustments to Microswitch Stability, Core and Actuator

    The Myoungshin Fanta underwent a complete plastic mold replacement earlier this year.  Several months later, a number of adjustments were performed to improve its overall performance.

    • A steel plate designed by Airbaguy - founder of the Fujin Lever III - was implemented to increase stability of the microswitches underneath the lever's housing.
    • The actuator diameter was increased from 15mm to 15.9mm to maintain the input radius of the lever.
    • The core/bushing/bobbin which holds the grommet and lever is now made of a durable, high quality material called Acetal, which is more rigid than conventional plastic. Compared to the original black core, the new white core also grips the center of the rubber grommet more firmly.

    How do I know which model is the 2019? 

    On the bottom plastic housing of your Myoungshin Fanta, you will see a set of four words integrated just below the mounting plate. Each word is positioned on each corner of the plastic lip below the plate.

    On the older model, the words are all written in Korean. 

    The 2019 Myoungshin Fanta was redesigned by IST. There is at least one instance "IST" written in english on the new lever. 

    Gersung Microswitches

    Each Fanta joystick is outfitted with four Gersung GSM-V1623A3 Microswitches.  These .187" terminal microswitches provide a crisp click on input.  If the cabinet or Fightstick requires a 5-pin harness, you'll need to purchase the .187 to 5-pin Conversion Harness to properly install.  You can bundle the harness at a 20% discount with the Fanta.


    The Myoungshin Fanta stands at 4.60 inches (116.9mm) tall from bottom to shaft.  Its width is by 3.27 inches (83.1mm) at the mounting plate, and 2.62 inches (66.6mm) wide at the base.

    Thanks to Discord's ディープ・スロート for information regarding Myoungshin Fanta's Fall 2019 adjustments.

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    1. An Absolute Dream

      Coming from being a JLF main for close to 5 years, this lever is absolutely everything I originally needed in a stick. Myoungshin's updated version of their classic lever does not disappoint; springy, tight, sleek, and precise. This lever isn't as stiff as the Fujin 3 for people looking for a tighter return to neutral, but it's clear to see why many players still choose this lever. on Jun 25th 2022

    2. Great lever

      I prefer this over crown stick on Oct 17th 2019

    3. This is my favorite Korean Lever

      With stock parts, this lever is the best lever I've used. It is also easily the most customize-able lever you can get. If you're looking to try a korean lever, this is the one to get, just make sure you get the collar mod if you are replacing a japanese lever. on Sep 19th 2019

    4. Great alternative to Crown

      Had been using the crown for over 2 years and the Fanta is a great alternative for those looking for more tension options that the Crown cant provide. on Sep 4th 2019

    5. Best K lever.

      This is by far the best I ever one, the 2019 myoung is beefy, better quailty plastics. when I first used it the lever was very intimidating, wider throw was the because of it. but once you get used to that and the harder tension its a dream to us. on Aug 12th 2019

    6. The rubber gasket makes it

      This is my first Korean stick very happy with it. It has improved my Tekken movement a ton. The rubber gasket really makes a difference when you're trying to pull off an electric. on Jul 26th 2019

    7. Pretty darn good.

      Ordered this stick to dive right into the K-lever world, instead of just throwing a battop on a standard JLF lever. I gotta say, I love the feeling overall, but the stock grommet is a bit stiff for my taste, ended up swapping it out for a light tension grommet. I used an ASI octagonal gate adapter for it, but I'm actually not a fan of that what-so-ever, and I'll be going to circular soon.

      Compared to the crown 309mj, there's no crazy differences that I can feel besides the tension of the stock grommets. Damn fine lever
      on Jul 21st 2019


      All around good Korean lever. It is similar to the Taeyoung Fanta. Still hard to execute lp wave dashes and diagonals consistency may be hit or miss. I'd say if your looking for Mishima play go with the Crown 309 Helpme. Otherwise this lever is still good. on May 13th 2019

    9. The Stick I’m Sticking with

      Before the this joystick I bought and tried 3 different Korean sticks. Every stick I tried just felt a little soft and hard to play with in Tekken. However this stick is perfect for Korean Backdashing, Wavedashing, and Tekken in general. on May 15th 2018

    10. Amazing!!!

      This is an amazing lever. I was able to mod it into my razer panthera and it feels so good. Will definitely get another to mod my qanba obsidian. on Apr 16th 2018

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    Fanta Myungshin vs Crown

    short review about key thins differences Fanta myungshin vs Crown
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